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  • Are selfies causing head lice among teen girls?

    Anecdotal evidence suggests more teen girls are seeking lice treatment as a direct result of selfies. (Thinkstock)You may think that cozying up with your pals to snap a selfie is fun, but the possibility of head lice could be lurking.

    Anecdotal evidence from lice treatment centres suggests that more adolescent girls are seeking lice treatment as a direct result of selfies.

    "We have definitely seen an increase in the number of teen girls that we are treating over the last few years," Shawnda Walker, owner of Toronto-based NitWits, tells Yahoo Canada Shine.

    Walker explains that 98 per cent of head lice cases result from direct head-to-head contact. Only a tiny number of people get lice from sharing products such as hairbrushes or hair ties.

    "But it's not just selfies that are to blame," she says. "Looking at photos or iPads together is a huge part of how teenage girls behave and their heads are right beside each other."

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    Walker says she hasn't seen an increase in the number of teen boys seeking treatment in recent years because lice are repelled by

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  • Gracie Latkovski, 9, has cerebral palsy and cystic fibrosis, but that hasn't stopped her from developing a love of dance.

    "I love dancing and want to show that I can do anything everyone else can because I believe in my dreams," Gracie, who began dancing at the age of 3, tells FOX19.

    The Kentucky youngster loves to twirl around in her wheelchair to choreographed routines. Her older sister, Quincy, dances with her at Dance Unlimited in Louisville, Kentucky.

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    This weekend, the sister duo were named National Champions at the 10th annual Jamfest Dance Super Nationals in Covington, KY after impressing judges with their moving routine to the song "Reflections" from the Disney film Mulan.

    "Seeing both my girls on stage together inspires me and shows they have the heart of a true champion," says proud mom Christin Latkovski.

    Watch their inspirational title-winning performance here.

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  • The health danger of handling receipts

    A new study suggests handling receipts may be harmful to your health. (Thinkstock)Remember the health scare surrounding bisphenol-A, more commonly known as BPA, being found in baby bottles and canned goods?

    Well, it appears the insidious chemical has reared its ugly head again -- this time on store receipts.

    Researchers from Cincinnati Children's Hospital have found that people who regularly handle store receipts have significantly greater concentrations of BPA in their urine.

    Most receipts are printed on paper that has a thin coating of powder which helps develop the dyes. Researchers have discovered that the powder contains BPA and we're absorbing it through our fingertips.

    "Exposure to BPA is primarily through dietary ingestion, including consumption of canned foods," the authors write. "A less-studied source of exposure is thermal receipt paper, handled daily by many people at supermarkets, ATM machines, gas stations, and other settings."

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    BPA is a known hormone-disrupting chemical that has been linked to

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