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  • Worried that sitting at your desk is killing you?

    Maybe the Hamster Wheel Standing Desk is just what you need.

    It’s cheaper than a treadmill desk — you can make it yourself! — and it’s a step up from a standing work station. 

    Rise up, sedentary sentients, and unleash that untapped potential within by marching endlessly towards a brilliant future of focused work. Step forward into a world of infinite potential, bounded only by the smooth arcs of a wheel. Step forward into the Hamster Wheel Standing Desk that will usher in a new era of unprecedented productivity,” writes one of its creators, artist Robb Godshaw, at Instructables. 

    A collaboration between Godshaw and Instructables developer Will Doenlen, the Hamster Wheel Standing Desk was built from four sheets of 3/4” plywood, four skate wheels, two pipes, 240 wood screws and a pint of glue.

    Already own a standing desk? Perfect. This is built to fit around one. 

    "We already had a standing desk that fits through the wheel, so it was

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  • Flour. It’s not just for baking anymore. 

    This week, The Kitchn shared an unexpected use for flour: a sink polisher.

    Courtesy The KitchnCourtesy The Kitchn
    In a few simple steps, your stainless steel sink can be as shiny as new, perfect for impressing dinner guests or future buyers. 

    "In my own home, I use this trick once a month. The flour buffs the micro-grooves in the sink’s surface and also pulls out residual dirt and grime that your basic sponge and soap can’t get to. It just makes things feel extra special," writes The Kitchn’s Sarah Rae Trover.

    Here’s how it works:

    Simply wash the sink as usual — with either your standard kitchen cleaner or hot soapy water — then buff it try with a clean towel. 

    Next, cover half or one side of your sink with a thick dusting of flour. 

    Start buffing. Using a paper towel or soft cloth to buff the flour into the sink and all its grooves, the rim, drain, knobs and handles. 

    Do it again. Repeat with the other half of the sink. Buff and remove any excess flour. 

    Voila: cleaner than it’s

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  • What exactly is pleomorphic liposarcoma?

    On Wednesday, doctors called it “rare,” “aggressive” and “very difficult.”

    But what exactly is pleomorphic liposarcoma, the cancer Toronto mayor Rob Ford has been diagnosed with?

    Rob Ford pauses while participating in a mayoral debate in Toronto on July 15, 2014. (Darren Calabrese/The Canadian Press)Rob Ford pauses while participating in a mayoral debate in Toronto on July 15, 2014. (Darren Calabrese/The Canadian Press)
    Definition describes it as defines it as “an aggressive, fast growing tumour located usually in the deep soft tissues of the lower and upper extremities.”

    The “lipo” in liposarcoma identifies that the tumour came from fat cells, not bone or muscle cells as other sarcomas do. 

    "Pleomorphic" means that all the cancer cells within the tumour are of different shapes and sizes. 

    According to Dr. Nathan Pennell, a medical oncologist at the Cleveland Clinic, sarcomas in general are quite rare, around one per cent of all cancers.


    The pleomorphic liposarcoma Ford has is the rarest form of liposarcoma — and deadliest. 

    The five-year survival rate for patients with pleomorphic liposarcoma is 56 per cent, reports the Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative, compared to 100 per cent in well-differentiated

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