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  • Is obesity the biggest health risk facing Canadians?

    New research suggests that if trends continue, 1 in 5 Canadians will be overweight or obese by 2019. (Thinkstock)The obesity epidemic in Canada has reached new heights with recent research suggesting that rates have tripled over the past 26 years.

    Researchers from Memorial University discovered that between 1985 and 2011 the overall obesity rate in Canada increased by 12 per cent from 6 per cent to 18 per cent, reports CTV.

    The researchers also note that the obesity epidemic is putting a massive financial strain on the health care system. Health care costs to address the problem fall between $4.6- and $7.1-billion a year. More overweight individuals are relying on medical services to address their Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and sleep apnea.

    "These results raise concerns at a policy level, because people in these obesity classes are at a much higher risk of developing complex care needs," says lead author and medical professor Laurie Twells.

    Researchers also warn that if Canadians continue to remain flippant about their expanding waistlines, more than 1 in 5 could be obese in the

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  • Try our handy trick for making the perfect salad every time! (Thinkstock)Making (and eating!) a salad is bad enough as it is.

    There’s all that chopping of veggies and whisking of dressing, not to mention the fact that when it’s all said and done, you’re almost always still hungry.

    But one of the biggest problems that plague our salad-making and eating is the soggy factor. Nobody, and we repeat, nobody, likes a soggy, droopy salad.

    So whether you’re a salad dressing enthusiast or a greens purist, we’ve got the ultimate hack for making a perfectly fluffy-but-so-not-dry salad that you might just actually want to eat.

    So, what’s our secret?

    A BIG bowl, your hands and simple little tilt.

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    Here’s how it’s done:

    1. Find the biggest bowl you own (seriously, you need a HUGE bowl to do this right).

    2. Combine all of your salad ingredients in the bowl and toss very, very gently with your hands. Delicate greens bruise easily, so tongs are bound to leave your lettuce a little worse for wear.

    3. Push your salad to one side of

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  • Sweatin' to the babies?

    It's not often we can put "adorable" and "workout" in the same sentence, but when health and wellness coach Michael Stansbury lets his six-month-old baby daughter Lilly Ann lead their fitness routine, the resulting workout is one part sweat — she really loves those planks — and three parts adorable.

    "You know, it was a good workout," Stansbury, a father of four, jokes in an interview with Baby Center.

    To do this routine at home, all you need is a floor and a tiny workout partner who loves you.

    Bonus: It takes just over a minute.

    Watch the cute viral video below.

    (Warning: This workout might strengthen your core — and increase your desire to procreate.)


    "You just need to get down on the ground with them. I wrestle with my six-year-old a lot," Stansbury tells Baby Center. "I'm matching what they do, and they get a big kick out of that."

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