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  • Never has it been cooler to make your own, well, everything. From at-home skin treatments to cleaning products, It seems there’s a DIY tutorial for almost anything. 


    Of all the hyped-up trends, I’d venture to say DIYing is one of the better ones. It’s a productive way to use your time and a great way to learn a new skill or two — plus, you usually end up saving a ton of money.

    Today, we’re jumping on the DIY train in an attempt to make our very own custom charm bracelet. This way, you can choose your charms and type of chain to really reflect your personal style. 

    Of course, I didn’t have the faintest idea of how to proceed with this task, so I enlisted the help of Desiree Girlato, jewelry maker extraordinaire and the owner of ARMED to show me how to make an incredibly easy charm bracelet.

    What you need:

    • Jump rings
    • 1 gold pin
    • Charms (5-6 should be sufficient)
    • Link chain
    • Lobster claw clasp
    • Chain nose pliers

    (You can find all of this at a craft or bead store or you can order online)


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  • Fashion entrepreneur Tomas Romita just kind of blurted out what is now his growing fashion startup, MADE Clothing Co.

    Tomas Romita (Courtesy photo)Tomas Romita (Courtesy photo)
    “Yeah I’m going to do the clothing one,” he fibbed at a party when teased by friends about his next career move.

    He was, at the time, in a situation many young graduates hope to find themselves in. Secure in a job with a large accounting firm and safe in the knowledge that if he stayed, he would move up the corporate ladder.

    Despite the prestige and security of his current career, Romita only saw accounting as a means to an end. The end was running his own show —but he didn’t know what that was until that faithful moment when pressed about it.

    “I’m a man of my word,” he says of his fashion startup that provides clients with custom suits and an experience that sets him apart from larger, more well-known custom suit companies like Indochino or Montreal-based, Surmesur.

    I met Tomas a couple of years ago when MADE was running out of a humble shared workspace. He seemed

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  • Oh, the horror.

    Cadbury is under fire for messing with a very good thing: its famous Cadbury Creme Eggs are getting a new shell. 

    Instead of biting into a gooey egg with a traditional Cadbury Dairy Milk shell, British chocolate lovers will now get a taste of a “standard, traditional Cadbury milk chocolate” — or “disgusting, foul, vomit-inducing ‘standard cocoa mix chocolate’,” as a Guardian writer described it — shell this Easter. 

    They’ll also be sold in packs of five, instead of six — offending the customers who want to buy their candy eggs in the same denominations as their farm-fresh ones. 

    In short, Cadbury fans are not amused. Cue the “melting down” and “shellshock” puns. There’s a petition begging for the old shell’s return. One emotional fan even wrote a song about it:

    Local readers, rejoice. Other than some new packaging, there is no change to Cadbury Creme Eggs in Canada this year. 

    We do know how the British are feeling, however. We’re still reeling from these unnecessary

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