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  • Domino’s launches fried chicken crust ‘pizza’

    Domino's pizza chain recently announced their new artery-clogging "pizza" -- which really isn't pizza, but rather fried chicken topped with pizza fixings.

    Dubbed the "Specialty Chicken", the creation swaps pizza dough for bite-sized pieces of fried chicken, which are then topped with cheese, veggies and other meats, reports Bloomberg.

    Domino's new chicken 'pizza' offerings.

    "Specialty Chicken" comes in four flavors: Classic Hot Buffalo, Sweet BBQ Bacon, Spicy Jalapeno-Pineapple and Crispy Bacon & Tomato.

    It is selling for $5.99 at U.S. store locations, but is not for sale on their Canadian website.

    A company spokesperson says the new item is an attempt to show they are not just a pizza joint, but are up-and-coming players in the fried chicken business.

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    And considering Domino's new chicken item has cashed in on two growing food trends -- the anti-carb movement and the outrageous pizza crust craze -- they may give KFC a run for their money.

    Not that KFC hasn't tried the

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  • How to store a bottle of wine properly

    Storing wine correctly will ensure the best tasting experience. (Thinkstock)When it comes to wine, many factors can ultimately influence your tasting experience – one of the most important being how the wine is stored. Too hot and the wine will oxidize; too cold and the flavours will be muted. Too much sunlight can also cause problems, as well as too little (or too much) humidity.

    Yahoo Canada Shine recently spoke to Alison Crary Rodriguez, associate winemaker at Sterling Vineyards to get her expert tips on how to store a bottle of wine properly so you can ensure the ultimate tasting experience.

    Crary Rodriguez says it's best to store bottles in the dark, on their sides, in relatively cool temperatures, and in a spot where temperature doesn't fluctuate much on a daily or annual basis. She says a small closet in the interior of the house is perfect for this.

    "Extreme fluctuations of heat and cold (as experienced in garages or near exterior walls) can cause more pressure/vacuum to build up behind the cork, leading to greater incidence of wine leakage, or oxygen

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  • A loyal dog was recently reunited with his owner after waiting outside the hospital for more than a week.

    The dog, named Seco, refused to leave his post outside the Brazilian hospital that his owner, Lauri da Costa, was admitted to after being randomly hit in the face with a rock.

    While da Costa was receiving care for his injuries, doctors discovered he had melanoma on his face and kept him longer to treat it, reports The Dodo.

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    His faithful dog stayed outside the hospital and was given food and water by staff.

    Hospital rules dictated that the dog could not go inside to see his owner, but on the eighth day the staff made an exception and permitted Seco to visit da Costa.

    The heartwarming event was captured on video.

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    The footage shows Seco jump on his owner's lap and frantically lick his face while furiously wagging his tail with excitement.

    After the visit was up, Seco then

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