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  • A $5,000 wedding including open bar? ! It's not impossible.A $5,000 wedding including open bar? ! It's not impossible.
    After nine years of living in unwedded bliss I am getting officially hitched this weekend. The grand total will be about $5,000 … depending on how much our guests drink at the open bar, of course. While there’s been some unexpected costs (cupcakes were waaay pricier than we thought) we were still able to quickly plan to take the plunge while ensuring we won’t be swimming in debt for years to come. Here’s how you, too, can say I do while sticking to a small budget on your big day

    1) Making the cut

    You must house, feed and water all of your wedding guests. The top way to cut down your costs is to cut down your guest list, said Lynn Lee, the owner of Lynn Lee Fine Weddings & Events in Ottawa, in a phone interview with Yahoo Canada. According to an annual survey by Weddingbells the average wedding in 2014 was expected to cost $31,685, with an average of 128 wedding guests. We are having just 30 guests, greatly reducing our costs. If you feel you must push your guest list to triple digits

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    Summer is finally here! Those deep freeze days are officially over. Down-filled parkas have been exchanged for floral prints; dismal and deserted streets replaced with a happy hustle; empty social calendars swapped for jam-packed schedules. Yes, summer is the season that needs no occasion to celebrate; no holidays or birthdays required to make plans – just a little bit of warm sunshine and a lot of cold chardonnay.

    Often this means other priorities in our lives take a back seat to the spontaneous and strong temptation to socialize outside, especially when it comes to our fitness regimens. In the winter, very little stands in our way of that after work spin session. In the summer, however, hitting spin class seems a lot less enticing than hitting a patio for happy hour. The only time of day free from all that summertime excitement is the morning. I know it seems like there are far more attractive things to do at 6 a.m. (like sleeping) but getting the work out over and done with in the

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  • Everyone wants to have lean, buff arms for the summer. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston all have gorgeous toned arms that look fantastic in a sleeveless top or elegant summer dress. But what are they doing to look so healthy and trim?

    Sandy Hanson, personal trainer at The Next Level Training shared some of the top exercises that you can do to have arms like the celebs this summer.

    (Photo by C Flanigan/Getty Images)(Photo by C Flanigan/Getty Images)
    Start with healthy eating

    Healthy eating is important for lean, healthy arms. Due to estrogen levels, fat can easily be stored on women’s arms. The best tip is to up your protein intake and get those arms into the gym and eat a well-balanced diet with whole foods. Stick to healthy carbs at night (think lentils, beans, vegetables and fruits) and completely get rid of unhealthy fats. Drink eight glasses of water a day and take vitamins daily.

    Warm up your arms before you start

    Start with some slow gentle movements which can include:

    • Bending side to side for a stretch
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