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  • Ulrika Kestere
    If you’re sick of dying Easter eggs with food colouring, why not give your creations a natural spin this weekend? All you need is flowers, leafs, string, onion shells and (of course) eggs.

    Although dying eggs with onion shells is nothing new, this visual tutorial by blogger/photographer Ulrika Kestere recently went viral on Imgur, racking up more than 11,000 points in less than two days.

    Step 1: Moisten the egg and flowers/plants with water, which will make the flowers more easily adhesible

    Ulrika Kestere
    Step 2: Carefully place the flowers and leaves onto the eggs in a pattern of your choosing

    Ulrika Kestere
    Step 3: After moistening the onion shells (the bigger the better!), carefully place them around the egg, making sure not to move the flowers around. Note: red onion shells have more colour, but the colour can be overpowering – the blogger suggests interspersing little pieces of red onion shell throughout.

    Ulrika Kestere
    Step 4: Wrap the string around the egg. Make sure to wrap it tightly and use a lot of string.

    Ulrika Kestere
    Step 5:

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  • New app could help you beat jet lag

    Bloodshot eyes, waking up at 3 a.m. and a disrupted eating schedule -- jet lag is never fun.

    But now, researchers from the University of Michigan and Yale University have launched a new app that they claim reduces the amount of time your body takes to adjust to a new time zone.

    Since light is the single most important factor in overcoming jet lag and regulating your internal body clock (a.k.a. circadian rhythms), the Entrain app makes recommendations for how much light you should be exposed to and at what times of the day by sending you custom alerts.

    Could the Entrain app be the secret to beating jet lag?

    Essentially, it takes the guessing game out of figuring out when to wake up and when to go sleep.

    "Overcoming jet lag is fundamentally a math problem and we've calculated the optimal way of doing it," says study author and mathematics professor Danny Forger. "We're certainly not the first people to offer advice about this, but our predictions show the mathematically best and quickest ways to adjust across time zones."

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  • Gold-plated skateboard selling for $15,000

    The gold-plated skateboard is fully functional. (via SHUT)

    The world of obscenely priced children's toys has reached a new level.

    Allow us to introduce you to the $15,000 gold-plated skateboard.

    The one-of-a-kind item is being sold by SHUT, New York City's first skateboarding company, and can only be purchased in-store.

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    While the world's most expensive skateboard is probably not intended to be used, that didn't stop designer Matthew Willet from making it fully functional, with all six major components in working order.

    "The board took a lot of trial and error, but in the end came out amazing," he tells the Daily Mail. "When you are in the same room as the board, you can't miss its glowing effect."

    He says the manufacturing process is top secret, but that it weighs 80 per cent more than a traditional board, despite having typical dimensions -- 31-1/2-inches long and 8-inches wide

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    The only catch is the lucky buyer has to

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