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    Jane Fonda may be a fitness icon, but it wasn’t until she was in her mid 40s that the prolific actor started doing the aerobics routines that propelled her to a whole new level of fame.

    The creator of Jane Fonda’s Original Workout—which became the top-selling VHS tape of all time—tells Yahoo Canada Shine that ballet was what kept her fit up until then.

    “Ballet was my exercise because there was nothing else,” Fonda says on the line from L.A., with her dog, Tulea, barking in the background. “If you went to a health club, there would be the men’s gym and there was nothing for women.”

    Fonda, of course, went on to become as well-known for her leg warmers and one-piece body suits as her appearances in films like “On Golden Pond” and the more recent Netflix series “Grace and Frankie." It all started during the filming of China Syndrome with Michael Douglas in 1979. She had a broken foot and couldn’t do her ballet-barre moves. Once her foot started to heal, Fonda began doing her own series of

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    Dreena Burton is raising her three daughters on a plant-based diet, and her girls love things like chick peas and chia seeds. But even the prolific cookbook author is not immune to a problem that plagues almost every other mom and dad out there: picky eaters.

    “My plant-based kids are not reaching into the fridge for raw broccoli all the time,” says Burton, author of Plant-Powered Families: Over 100 Kid-Tested, Whole-Foods Vegan Recipes. “Kids are picky, period. I don’t think there’s any parent who hasn’t experienced this.

    “A little while ago I put a dish in front of my youngest daughter and she said, ‘I don’t like this.’ I said, ‘That’s interesting because you’ve never tasted it,’” Burton adds. “Everything I give her lately is yucky and stinky. I made some soup and told her it was called the Not Yucky and Stinky Soup. Sure enough, she ate it.”

    To deal with picky eaters, it helps to consider what may be behind the refusal to consume certain foods. Often, it has nothing to do with food

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  • Two years ago, Lucy Edwards, the beauty vlogger behind the YouTube channel Yesterday’s Wishes, went blind.

    The 19-year-old from Birmingham, England, is now sharing her makeup tips and tricks online, inspiring women to up their beauty game with her fail-proof techniques for applying cosmetics without a mirror — and, hopefully, changing the way sighted and non-sighted communities interact. 

    “My inspiration for posting my makeup routine online is my desire for change,” Edwards tells Yahoo Canada. “I wanted there to be a place on the Internet for other blind and disabled people like myself to come together as community. Posting videos allows me to interact with the sighted world, and as I’ve been sighted before I really want to maintain this part of myself. Posting online makes me feel happy and doing this helps me cope with my blindness.”

    Edwards tells BuzzFeed Life that her sister, Alice, worked with her to create a makeup routine she could master on her own. It took her almost a year

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