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  • Rezk Mohamed is a registered dietician in Canada and offers tips on how to handle fasting in the month of Ramadan.Rezk Mohamed is a registered dietician in Canada and offers tips on how to handle fasting in the month of Ramadan.

    Imagine not eating or drinking anything (not even water) for seventeen hours a day during the hot Canadian summer for a month straight. Many of the over one million individuals who identify as Muslim in Canada don’t have to have imagine how it feels at all.

    That’s because many are participating in the holy month of Ramadan, observed by Muslims all over the world. During the holy month, which started June 18, many Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. The exact date changes every year, which means some years it’s in the winter and the number of fasting hours is shorter. This year in Canada, depending where you live in our vast nation of course, there are about 17 hours of fasting, which is very challenging and is exacerbated by the heat, says Mohamed Rezk in a phone interview with Yahoo Canada.

    Have a strategy

    Over the years Rezk​, 25, has used his expertise as a registered dietitian and personal trainer to perfect his Ramadan eating and exercise regimen so that he feels the best that

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  • Fading McDonald's sign illustration (Getty Images/Thinkstock)Fading McDonald's sign illustration (Getty Images/Thinkstock)

    McDonald’s might be celebrating its 60th anniversary in the United States this year, but it’s hard to imagine that many people are openly celebrating with them. In our health-obsessed society, it’s no longer cool to admit that you enjoy a Big Mac once in a while.

    It’s obvious that people are still eating at McDonald’s, especially since the company currently operates over 36,000 restaurants worldwide, but there is a social stigma associated with the food.

    Customers are not only concerned about the lack of nutritional density in the burger and fries. Over the past few years, rumours have surfaced about the quality of the ingredients being used in the food products at McDonald’s. The situation was so bad that last year the company launched a campaign that encouraged customers to raise their concerns in a public forum.

    As part of the “Our Food. Your Questions.” campaign, users were able to ask McDonald’s questions like “Do you use real apples in your apple pie?” and “How is it that a

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    Uma Thurman jetted off to St. Barts when she was expecting, Kate Hudson “flaunted” her bump in Mexico according to the tabs, and the Duchess of Cambridge went to Mustique before giving birth to the future king of England.

    Getting away for a little me time before your little one is born seems like a glamorous, relaxing adventure, but going on a babymoon can turn into a dangerous, stressful nightmare.

    Recently, a New Jersey couple got stranded in Portugal just one week into their babymoon, according to Kim Kirzow Spratt was six months pregnant and says she had gotten the thumbs up from her doctor to travel. She went into labour 13 weeks early. She was carrying twins -- a boy and a girl. The boy has since died and the girl is still fighting for her life. The couple has set up a GoFundMe page to pay for their skyrocketing medical expenses while they wait for their one surviving baby to be healthy enough to be flown back to the U.S.

    Not child’s play

    While the story sounds

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