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    Canadians are dedicated cheese lovers.

    For the past 10 years, Canadians have been eating more than 12 kilograms of cheese annually, according to Statistics Canada. But are you getting the most out of your cheese purchases?

    We’ve got some tips to help you prepare, serve and store cheese better than ever, courtesy of the Dairy Farmers of Canada:

    How to cut perfect slices of cheese

    Cutting that perfect slice of cheese is a real skill (Thinkstock)Cutting that perfect slice of cheese is a real skill (Thinkstock)

    There are several resources online that recommend using unflavoured dental floss to cut perfect squares of cheese. That might be handy in a pinch, but if you’re worried that you might accidentally add a minty-fresh flavour to your favourite cheese, you can stick to using a sharp knife.    

    Hold the blade of the knife under hot water, and then dry it off like you would with an ice cream scoop. Warming the knife will help you to easily cut through any cheese. 

    A cheese wire is also useful, though they can be pricy.   

    Not all cheeses should be stored in wax paper

    Brie can be stored in waxed paper, but not all cheeses have to be (Thinkstock)Brie can be stored in waxed paper, but not all cheeses have to be (Thinkstock)

    Different types of cheeses need to be stored in

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  • Wear Your Label clothing (WYL/Maya Sherwood Photography)Wear Your Label clothing (WYL/Maya Sherwood Photography)
    Two friends in New Brunswick turned a dinner conversation about mental illness into a clothing brand that’s making headlines across the country.

    Wear Your Label “is a conscious clothing line with the goal to create conversations around mental health and ultimately end the stigma (in style),” the website reads.

    Wear Your Label

    Kyle MacNevin and Kayley Reed tell Yahoo Canada how it all began:

    “So about a year ago, we were having dinner and we were just sharing about our personal mental health stories. I live with generalized anxiety disorder and ADHD,” MacNevin says.

    “And I’m recovering from an eating disorder,” Reed adds.

    The two friends bonded over their vulnerable conversation and a mutual love for fashion. It wasn’t long before MacNevin proposed they merge their interests and launch Wear Your Label, a brand that would help start conversations and also give back to mental-health organizations.

    Wear Your Label's Sad But Rad shirt (WYL)Wear Your Label's Sad But Rad shirt (WYL)

    They were accepted into a business accelerator program called the Summer Institute through

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  • Got dark circles under your eyes? It's not because you're tired. (Thinkstock)Got dark circles under your eyes? It's not because you're tired. (Thinkstock)
    Dark circles under the eyes may be a considered a telltale sign of fatigue, but, contrary to popular belief, these unflattering marks do not result from being exhausted.

    “Many people suspect that dark circles are related to not getting enough rest, but dark circles under the eyes are actually related to an increase in amount of blood vessels under the skin, which is due to heredity or swelling from allergies or hay fever,” says Sachit Shah of Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic in Surrey, B.C. “The darkness gets worse over time because of cumulative sun damage and thinning skin, which exposes more of the underlying color of the blood vessels.”

    Shah recommends using a once- a-day, over-the-counter anti-histamine preparation to treat allergy-related circles and fillers for “difficult” cases.

    Careful makeup application can help conceal those stubborn circles.

    “Eye cream should be a part of every woman’s skin care regimen—no one has time to put cold cucumbers under their eyes

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