Photographers Break Kate Middleton Labor News

The scene outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital on Monday (Photo by Getty Images)Who broke the news that Kate Middleton went into labor?

It was two independent photographers stationed outside St. Mary’s Hospital, according to a story published Monday in the London Evening Standard.

For almost one month, numerous national news outlets had been camped outside the Lindo wing where Middleton was scheduled to give birth, yet somehow, many paparazzi failed to notice a car pull up and a security team quietly usher Kate Middleton and Prince William inside the hospital. 

Photographer Jesal Parshotam, 24, from Harrow and his colleague Darren Sacks, 30, were among the crowd when Parshotam spotted a car pulling up to the Lindo Wing’s back entrance.

Parshotam tweeted, “Kate Middleton has gone into hospital...” His next tweet:  "me and @Babylon902 saw it with our own eyes.” And then: “We saw the convoy and the security. She is in. Hopefully everything is smooth, and the pregnancy goes well.”

Yahoo! Shine could not reach Parshotam or Sacks. However according to the London Evening Standard, Parshotam said, “We were just standing outside chilling and talking and then it all happened. The cars showed up. They were very, very simple cars — it was very discreet...the protection officers jumped out and they all rushed in. It was a very swift manoeuvre. The Duchess went in and the cars were gone very quickly — within a minute. That was it.”

Parshotam’s Twitter feed was flooded with congratulatory messages. Royal photographer @RegalEyes wrote, “Congratulations to @therealjesal for scooping the world this morning and letting us all know that #BabyCambridge is on his, or her, way!” Radio producer @AndrewJaffrey wrote, “Congrats on getting the scoop of a generation.” And the style blog @WhatKateWore wrote: “A tip of the tiara to you, well done! :)”

Despite the fact that Parshotam and Sacks broke what’s possibly the biggest story of the year, the pair respectfully declined to shoot the royal couple getting out of the car and heading into the hospital. “We had decided in advance we were not going to take a photo of her,” said Parshotam. “I made that decision — she’s a woman in labour. I just wanted to photograph the commotion and convoy of cars. That was a personal decision we both made. To take a picture of her would have been over stepping the mark."