Who's Finding Love at Work? (Survey)

Despite the common notion that mixing business and pleasure is bad news bears, office romances are alive and well. If your coworkers are dipping out of the office together to take an extra long "lunch" or are showing up in yesterday's pinstripes, it's likely they are more than just colleagues. Especially if they work in one of the following industries or cities. Online salary database Payscale.com looked at its data to find out who is finding love at work and who is on the prowl for an office fling. Here's what they found.

Workers in the food service industry are the most likely to date a coworker. Cooks made the list three times--they are most likely to fall in love at work, hook up with a coworker for a fling, and also be on the hunt for a relationship with an office mate.

If you happen to live in Chattanooga, TN and are looking for long-term love, you are in luck. Chattanooga is the top city for meeting a spouse at work. The same goes for folks in Tucson, Tulsa, and San Antonio. If you are looking for just a casual fling you should move to Indianapolis, Buffalo or Nashville.

Ten percent of workers in the oil, mining, and gas industry all admit to having an out-of-office relationship with their boss. Office managers and administrative assistants also admit to "working" after hours with their supervisors...hello Mad Men!

Not everyone is on board with the idea of an office romance. Dental hygienists believe a relationship between coworkers is nothing to smile about. Age might factor into the disapproval of office romances as well with 77 percent of Baby Boomers aren't down with the get down.

Most Likely to Find Love at Work

Top 10 Cities
1. Chattanooga, TN
2. Des Moines, IA
3. Toledo, OH
4. Tucson, AZ
5. Cape Coral, FL
6. Syracuse, NY
7. Albany, NY
8. Madison, WI
9. Tulsa, OK
10. San Antonio, TX

Top 10 Professions
1. Food Service Managers
2. Cooks
3. Dispatchers
4. Advertising & Promotions Managers
5. Claims Adjusters
6. Physicians and Surgeons
7. Actors, Producers & Directors
8. Human Resources Specialists
9. Mechanics Managers
10. Computer & Information Systems Managers

Most Likely to Have a Fling at Work

Top 10 Cities
1. Indianapolis, IN
2. Memphis, TN
3. Grand Rapids, WY
4. Bradenton, FL
5. Tulsa, OK
6. Minneapolis, MN
7. Buffalo, NY
8. Birmingham, AL
9. Springfield, MA
10. Nashville, TN

Top 10 Professions
1. Artists
2. Cooks
3. Welders
4. Stock Clerks
5. Occupational Health & Safety Specialists
6. Industrial Machinery Workers
7. Automotive Technicians
8. Food Service Managers
9. Database Administrators
10. Planning and Expediting Clerks

Most Likely to Date the Boss

Top 10 Cities
1. Austin, TX
2. Orlando, FL
3. Miami, FL
4. Denver, CO
5. Los Angeles, CA
6. Boston, MA
7. Portland, OR
8. Philadelphia, PA
9. Atlanta, GA
10. Houston, TX

Top 10 Professions
1. Lodging Managers
2. Cost Estimators
3. Office Clerks
4. Transportation, Storage & Distribution Managers
5. Accounting Clerks
6. Office Managers
7. Electrical Engineers
8. Mechanical Engineers
9. Administrative Assistants
10. Financial Analysts

Most Likely to Be on the Hunt for Love at Work

Top 10 Cities
1. Honolulu, HI
2. Charleston, SC
3. San Francisco, CA
4. Boston, MA
5. San Diego, CA
6. San Jose, CA
7. New Haven, CT
8. Riverside, CA
9. Albany, NY
10. Seattle, WA

Top 10 Professions
1. Artists
2. Cooks
3. Computer Software Engineers
4. Computer Support Specialists
5. Meeting and Convention Planners
6. Statistical Assistants
7. Secondary School Teachers
8. Computer Systems Analysts
9. Industrial Engineers
10. Actors, Producers, and Directors

Least Likely to Approve of Office Romance

Top 10 Cities
1. Greenville, SC
2. Palm Bay, FL
3. Youngstown, OH
4. Augusta, GA
5. Fresno, CA
6. Poughkeepsie, NY
7. Little Rock, AR
8. New Orleans, LA
9. Worcester, MA
10. Providence, RI

Top 10 Professions

1. Dental Hygienists
2. Clergy
3. Office Clerks
4. Tellers
5. Paralegals and Legal Assistants
6. Counselors
7. Insurance Sales Agents
8. Receptionists and Information Clerks
9. Nursing Aides
10. Tax Examiners Collectors

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