How to Handle a Drunken Wedding Guest Wisely

Drunken wedding guestDrunken wedding guestWedding day for most people is one of the most important days in their life. It is a special occasion and couples commit themselves to make it a perfect event. The last thing they would want to deal with during the wedding celebration is a drunken guest. While it may sound ideal not to invite people who are capable enough to abuse the open bar, the reality is you cannot leave out a guest just because he might go overboard on alcohol. Therefore, we have listed a few preventive methods that will help you handle a drunken wedding guest.

Discuss it with the Event Planner

Hire a professional event coordinator and ask him to take care of intoxicated guests at your wedding reception. Consider forming a security team of few people depending upon the size of the gathering and ask them to supervise the event. Also, give them a head count of the people you think may not be able to handle alcohol. As the bartender is responsible for giving out the liquor, tell him to keep an eye on the inebriatedguests. This will help you take the burden off from your shoulders and as a couple, you can enjoy the most awaited day of your life.
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Do not confront directly

While you may feel like confronting and pushing out a besotted guest causing interruption in your wedding celebrations, avoid taking such a step. Instead, move him to a more isolated place that will help you minimize the disruption level. It is very likely that the person will deny the level of his drunkenness. Approach him in a calm demeanor and speak with him privately. While handling such a wedding guest, remember to be respectful but firm. Do not mention their obnoxious behavior and deal with the situation tactfully.
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Food and non-alcoholic drinks

It is medically proven that eating food slows down the absorption of alcohol. So, ensure that enough snacks are available during the ceremony to help your guests soak up the liquor. High protein foods like meat and cheese are considered good with alcohol as they keep the stomach full for longer. Moreover, non-alcoholic beverages are a perfect way to encourage your thirsty guests to stay hydrated without being forced to consume too much liquor.
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Discourage drinking and driving

The last thing you would want to hear when celebrating love is about a car accident. If you happen to witness an inebriated guest, request him to give his car keys. If he refuses to do so, call a cab and get him a ride home. If your budget allows, consider making arrangements for post wedding transportation. You may have your DJ announce it couple of times that there is transportation available for those who may find it difficult to drive home.

The above suggestions should always be included in your wedding plans, especially if you are considering an open bar. Anticipating a problem with some discretion can help you save your special day.

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