7 Benefits of Being Intimate

Intimacy can help you fight off a cold.Intimacy can help you fight off a cold.Okay, we know sex is all about maxing out your pleasure. But it turns out it's good for your health, too. We asked Jennifer Landa, MD, chief medical officer of BodyLogicMD and author of The Sex Drive Solution for Women to give us the low-down on the health benefits of sex.

By Meagan Morris

1. It Boosts Your Brain
Sex increases your bod's dopamine levels-the hormone that improves your memory and motivation. So basically climaxing is the gift that keeps on giving.

2. It Burns Calories
Don't feel like hitting the gym? Grab your guy and head to the bedroom. A 30-minute romp in the sheets can burn upwards of 150 calories. That's like running a mile on the treadmill!

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3. It Destresses You
We're all stressed to the max-and all that worry releases the stress hormone cortisol. The problem with cortisol? Having too much of it in your blood stream can lead to everything from high blood sugar to weight gain. When you get your freak on, it helps you relax, lowering the stress levels in your bod.

4. It Keeps You Healthy
Regular sex with your guy can actually prevent colds, thanks to the hormone prolactin. This hormone has an important role in strengthening your immune system by increasing the production of T and B lymphocytes (aka immune cells). We'll take that over chicken soup any day.

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5. It Helps You Sleep
When you have sex, the cuddle hormone oxytocin is released. That increases your bond with your guy, but it also helps you sleep. Niiice.

6. It Makes You Bendy
Think of sex like a good strength training session: You use a ton of muscle groups during a good sesh. And it's a lot more fun than doing squats at the gym for an hour.

7. It's Good for Your Heart
The hormone testosterone is usually associated with big-muscled dudes, but our bods make it, too. Sex helps increase the release of the hormone, which in turn improves your energy levels and strengthens vital body parts, like your muscles, bones, and heart.

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