6 Weird Reasons We Fall in Love

This might be why he's so smitten by you. You know, aside from your awesome personality.This might be why he's so smitten by you. You know, aside from your awesome personality.According to scientists, there's a whole lot more that goes into attraction than looking hot and having a killer personality. We asked biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, PhD, scientific advisor for Match.com, to give us the lowdown on the science behind attraction. You'll be surprised at what really turns men on.

By Meagan Morris

1. Your Posture
Heels don't just make your legs look great. They also help our bodies get into lordosis, or the spinal posture where our backs are naturally arched and our rears are tipped upward. This pose attracts dudes on a primal level because female mammals naturally crouch down and angle their butts when they're about to mate. Um…hot?

2. Your Scent
A recent study by German researchers revealed that our bodies put off a natural "scent" to help us find mates that have strong immune systems. However, our vaginas also release a musky smell during that time of the month-known as copulance-that stimulates testosterone and sexual arousal in men.

3. Your Smile
Interested in a guy? Smile at him-he'll instantly be attracted. Think about it: When someone smiles at you, you naturally mimic the grin-even if you don't realize it. The reaction smile moves muscles in the face which, in turn, stimulate the nerves that produce the brain's feel-good chemicals.

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4. Your Gaze
Your eyes can also influence a guy's attraction through the phenomenon known as a copulatory gaze. Basically, looking into a guy's eye for two to three seconds flips a primitive switch in his brain which makes him react to your hotness or retreat.

5. Your Teeth
A new study of singles in America by Match.com found that one of the biggest thing guys look for in a girl is a set of good teeth. Your chompers subconsciously tell him a lot about you, like your age and health.

Think about it: White teeth show that you have good nutrition and personal habits; yellow teeth can be an indicator of bad health-not something a guy wants when he's looking for a mate (whether he realizes it or not).

6. Your Hair
Your hair-like your teeth-tell a guy a lot about your health. Shiny, healthy hair is a sign of youth and fertility, subconsciously telling him that you'd be able to carry on his genes.

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