5 Dating Myths You Need to Know

Here are some dating tips you should probably ditch.Here are some dating tips you should probably ditch.Paul Carrick Brunson, matchmaker and author of the new relationship book, It's Complicated (But It Doesn't Have to Be), IDs the dating advice and myths that are total B.S.

By Casey Gueren

Myth No. 1: It's All About Quality, Not Quantity
Brunson says he sees the same thing happening online and in real life: Women will go on a few dates with a guy and only pursue someone else when things start to fizzle, while men cast a wider net and casually date several women at once. "There's no need to be committed from day one," he says. "A guy needs to prove that he's worthy of your undivided attention before you give it to him."

Myth No. 2: You Should Ditch the Checklist
Writing down (or at least thinking about) what you're looking for is actually a good thing-it keeps you focused on what's really important to you in a long-term boyfriend (such as he wants to get married eventually, likes kids, dislikes prison...you know, the little things). But here's the deal: Most of us end up loading that list up with preferences, not non-negotiables. You need to distinguish between what you really need and what you want.

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Myth No. 3: If He Asks You Out, He's Into You
Not necessarily. Let's say a guy asks to nail down a date for two weeks from Sunday. That's not a good sign, since we make time for people we want in our lives. So if you're not making it into his schedule until more than a week later, keep seeing other guys and move him to the backburner.

Myth No. 4: Your BFF Knows Best
Yeah, rehashing dates with your friends is pretty much the reason why boozy brunches were invented, but all that analyzing can sometimes hurt more than help. Your friends' advice will be based on their own past, so it's going to be a bit biased. That doesn't mean you can't hear them out, just keep in mind where their take on things might be coming from. For example, if your bff's ex cheated on her and she automatically labels your new guy as a bad boy, ask her what specifically tipped her off. Then you can decide how much weight to give her POV.

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Myth No. 5: Give Him a Second Date...Just 'Cause
Um, wrong. This is where that checklist comes into play. If you're out with a guy and he clearly doesn't match up with your non-negotiables, don't fall into that well...maybe...we'll see trap. Dealbreakers are dealbreakers, and you can only ignore them for so long. Move on so you can find a guy who's worthy of your awesomeness.

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