12 Things You Shouldn't Do when Planning a Wedding

How Not to Plan a WeddingHow Not to Plan a WeddingWhen it comes to planning your dream wedding, finding Mr. Right is the easy part.

Unless you're equal parts Martha Stewart, hostage negotiator, and organizational ninja, wedding planning has the capacity to drive brides to the brink of elopement. (It happened to a girl I know; her story involves a drive-thru wedding.)

But for those of you busy planning your special day, congratulations! We here at Babble just love a good wedding. While we anxiously await our invitation in the mail, we offer these 12 wedding planning pitfalls you'll want to avoid at all costs.

How Not to Plan a WeddingHow Not to Plan a WeddingInvite people you don't like
This one's tricky, especially when it comes to family and crappy co-workers. Your wedding day is supposed to be a day that brings you joy. If someone has the power to cast a dark shadow on your wedding day, make the decision that will bring you the greatest peace of mind.

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How Not to Plan a WeddingHow Not to Plan a WeddingIgnore the groom
While the wedding might be known as the bride's day, it's also the groom's day too. Include your fiance as much as he wants to be included. It's never too early to begin practicing lessons in marital compromise.

ShutterstockShutterstockPlan the wedding and not the marriage
It's easy to get so caught up in wedding planning that you forget there's a whole lifetime of marriage ahead of you. Discuss children, finances, and future plans with your soon-to-be spouse. Married life shouldn't come as a great surprise.

ShutterstockShutterstockAttempt to keep up with the Joneses
Stop worrying about what you've seen at other weddings and focus on your own. Weddings aren't about being bigger and better; they are about celebrating your beautiful union. The very best weddings are those where even the guests can feel the love.

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ShutterstockShutterstockGo on a crash diet
We get the whole "skinny bride" thing, but for goodness sakes, be smart about it! A crash diet robs your body and mind of what they so desperately need to kick wedding planning's ass (Hint: carbs).

ShutterstockShutterstockPut your friends to work
Acting as an usher is one thing, but expecting your friend to keep drunk Aunt Sissy away from you all night is something else entirely. Your friends have stood by and listened to you blab on about your wedding for 12 long months; let them enjoy the day!

ShutterstockShutterstockFormally request monetary gifts
Even when cash is preferred, it's considered poor etiquette to put it in writing. Allow family, friends, and your wedding party to spread the word instead.

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ShutterstockShutterstockForget everyone else
While you've been buried under a pile of bridal magazines for the last six months, your friends have been busy hooking up, breaking up, and landing new jobs. Don't forget to listen to what's been going on with those you love and care for. They've been there for you, so be sure you return the favor.

ShutterstockShutterstockForget to send thank you cards
We know you're so busy having newlywed sex that you haven't had time to write thank you notes. No one is asking you to bring stationary on your honeymoon, but be sure to honor your guests with a thank you card. Emily Post suggests thank you notes should be written within three months of receiving the gift.

ShutterstockShutterstockNot eat on your wedding day
There's no doubt you'll be busy stressing on your wedding day. All the more reason you need to eat regularly and stay hydrated. You paid way too much for that gorgeous wedding hall to spend your wedding day in the E.R.

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ShutterstockShutterstockExpect perfection
No one likes a pouty bride. Just accept that something will go wrong on your wedding day. If you're lucky it'll be a small thing, so expect the unexpected and don't allow anything to ruin your beautiful day.

ShutterstockShutterstockInclude registry information on your invitation
Registry information on your invitation or save-the-date card is considered impolite, as it implies you're asking for a gift. Instead, include wedding registry information on your wedding website and have family, friends, and the bridal party pass the information along.

- By Lori Garcia
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