Should These Provocative American Apparel Photos Have Been Banned?

By Emily London, Refinery29

Two complaints investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority into imagery on American Apparel's website have been upheld. The brand's use of "real" women and employees in their advertising campaigns is widely documented, but it is the images of women promoting the label's knitwear and body suits that have caused the recent controversy. Complaints were files about the perceived vulnerability and explicit sexual overtones of the models' postures and outfits. Particularly in the case of a model wearing a sweater who appears not to be wearing any underwear.

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The A.S.A explained their findings: "We considered there was a voyeuristic quality to the images, which served to heighten the impression that the women were vulnerable and in sexually provocative poses. For the reasons given, we considered the ads were likely to cause serious offence to visitors to American Apparel's website."

What are your thoughts? Are you seriously offended by this image? Or is this a picture that falls on the right side of provocative? To the comments section, with your thoughts.

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