• by Glamour

    No joke: We got a manicure from backstage nail guru Jin Soon Choi and it lasted three weeks. Here's how.

    Lindsey UnterbergerLindsey Unterberger
    1. Skip the Soak
    It feels nice, but letting hands sit in a bowl of soapy water can actually reduce the bond between your polish and nails. Instead, give nails a good wipe-down with a remover-soaked pad.

    2. Prep the Surface
    The newest base coats do more than fill in ridges and bumps; they make nail polish adhere better. We like Jin Soon Power Coat, $18, shop.glamour.com.

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    3. Finish With Gel
    To lock in color and shine, paint your nails as you normally would, then finish with a gel topcoat. You'll get long-lasting gloss minus the time-consuming removal process of a salon gel manicure.

    4. Seal the Edges
    Don't skip this step--it's the key to getting polish to last. After applying a topcoat, run the brush along the tips to prevent chipping. Do an extra layer on thumbs and index fingernails, which tend

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  • By Connie Wang, Refinery29

    Your suitcase might be organized, itemized, and systemized to the max, but if you're still traveling in pajama pants and that high school sweatshirt, we need to have a talk. We know that jet-setting isn't as much of a luxury pastime as it used to be, but there's no reason for your first outfit in a new locale to be something you also wore the last time you battled a stomach flu. Flying, taking a long bus ride, or hopping onto a train might not have the same glamour associated with them as they did in our grandparents' time, but that's no excuse to bust out the fleece onesies.

    That said, you also shouldn't be submitting yourself to discomfort. Just say no to pinching pants that cut off circulation, itchy collars that grow pricklier with each hour, and stiff fabrics that won't let you curl up. Flying the cozy and stylish way is totally possible - and you don't have to shell out a million dollars to do it. As proof, we sent five of our editors to five

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  • by Petra Guglielmetti

    Alexander Tamargo / Getty ImagesAlexander Tamargo / Getty Images
    I'm sure you'll all agree that Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima is basically the living, breathing definition of sexy. So of course she is one of our favorite muses for sultry eye makeup, including the cat-eye makeup we all love but can't all apply on ourselves as well as we'd like.

    Although, the eye makeup Adriana wore at the BrazilFoundation gala in Miami yesterday involved a cat-eye alternative that's very appealing to those of us who aren't super-savvy with liquid eyeliner--winged-out smudgy eyeshadow.

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    Look closer.

    Alexander Tamargo / Getty ImagesAlexander Tamargo / Getty Images

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    See how the sheer gray eyeshadow is fanned up and out from Adriana's outer corners? The beauty of this idea is that you can blend it (and erase with a Q-tip as needed) until it looks right. A sharp liquid-liner cat-eye isn't so easy to adjust/user-friendly. Sure, this look still takes time and a bit of practice, but I find it Read More »from Victoria's Secret Model Adriana Lima Shows How to Get the Cat-Eye Look Even If You're a Klutz with Liquid Liner


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