6 Fashion Tips for Fall Travel

6 Fashion Tips for Fall TravelBy Joshua Pramis

Can you look chic and be comfortable on an 8-hour flight? Should you pack everything you might possibly need, or just a small carry-on? What are your best shoe options for sightseeing? Travel + Leisure's fashion director, Mimi Lombardo and other experts chatted recently on Twitter to debate these questions and swap advice for how to pack and travel in style.

#1: What's your go-to travel outfit? Why?

@MimiLombardo: Mine is my favorite Rag and Bone Knit DB blazer, and Hermes scarf, and always MZ Wallace bag.

@KateBetts: Huge Goyard bag and Fay travel jacket and lots of magazines. A good scarf is key, planes are freezing, never know when you'll need it. I love the Louis Vuitton animal print scarf.

@RealSimple: Mixing a few wardrobe basics like skinny jeans, & simple top mean you'll look good & be comfortable.

@RedLightPR: Jeggings, ballet flats, a simple tank & colorful scarf! This will keep you comfy while still looking chic.

@UrbanDaddy: For fellas: button-down oxford, simple blazer, jeans, and shoes you can slip-on, Up in the Air-style. Also: socks.

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#2: Which shoe options are chic and comfortable for sightseeing?

@MimiLombardo: My kelly green Converse, or the ubiquitous ballet flat.

@KateBetts: Puma sneakers for sightseeing.

@RealSimple: Not to be a broken record, but ballet flats all the way!

@UrbanDaddy: Desert boots. Go with everything. Rancourt & Co makes great ones.

#3: Which summer staple carries into a fall wardrobe?

@MimiLombardo: Summer staple: White jeans are great for fall. Take a summer dress and wear with booties or put dress over a slim pant.

@KateBetts: Ballet flats in bright colors add a jolt to darker fall palette.

@RealSimple: Scarves, ballet flats, dresses, and cardigans.

@RedLightPR: Lightweight scarves, camisoles for layering, and boyfriend watches!

@UrbanDaddy: A polo. Put a blazer or a cardigan over it, and you're set.

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#4: Overpack or underpack? Why?

@MimiLombardo: I am a closet over packer! I want all my favorite things with me.

@KateBetts: Underpack. You can always shop. Also, even when you think you're underpacking, it's usually still too much stuff.

@RealSimple: Pack smartly and you can underpack, but feel like you overpacked.

@UrbanDaddy: Overpack. You might spill champagne on your bespoke lobster bib and require a backup.

#5: Any favorite packing accessories?

@MimiLombardo: I love my Rimowa case which has zippered sections that hold up to a lot of packing pressure...use tissue paper for less wrinkles.

@KateBetts: For Paris, London, Milan, one word: umbrella. The chicest I've found are from Muji in navy blue.

#6: Chic fall getaway in 3 words:

@MimiLombardo: Cozy, maple syrup, pancakes.

@KateBetts: Los Angeles, CA.

@RealSimple: Crisp, road-trip, leisurely.

@UrbanDaddy: Black-tie road trip.

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