• In the original version of Cinderella, the evil stepsisters were so eager to fit into the glass slipper that they were willing to cut off parts of their feet. However, that story was a fairy tale … or was it?

    A new story in the New York Times reports that several podiatrists are now offering surgical procedures that help their clients fit into the shoes of their dreams. Dr. Ali Sadrieh offers a range of services to his patients in Beverly Hills, including toe-lengthening, toe-shortening, and a procedure where he injects fat into the bottom of the foot so it hurts less to walk around in high heels.

    And he isn't the only one. Dr. Oliver Zong of New York City claims to have invented "the foot face-lift and toe tuck." His website promises "designer feet for designer shoes."

    Is Sarah Jessica Parker's iconic Carrie Bradshaw character to blame for women who worship high heels? One doctor quoted in the Times article cited Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin, and Nicholas Kirkwood, three

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  • by Amanda Keiser

    Courtesy of AldoCourtesy of Aldo
    There's nothing we love more than a pretty new handbag or stunning pair of shoes-it's the simple things, right? Well, lucky for us (and you), Aldo's latest collaboration with London-based Ostwald Helgason features seriously covetable versions of both...and all 12 accessories (six pairs of kicks and six totes) launched today.

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    Just in time for prom, graduation, and a slew of spring parties, the Aldo Rise has a distinctly celebratory feel with highly saturated colors, ribbon-like stripes, and a pair of mesh pumps that are meant to resemble the surface of a blown-up balloon. Basically, these eye-catching accessories were created for happy times, and we're pretty sure they could create some pretty great moments all on their own.

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    Prices range from $65 to $130, so you can snap up a color-soaked cross body or and still stay on budget-see? Happy

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  • by Maura Brannigan

    The aspect of photobombing I love most is that it proves the whole Stars-They're Just Like Us! theory. We mere mortals have been "photobombing," to use the term loosely, since the '90s. I, for one, have vivid memories of bunny ears-ing in nearly every photograph in which I appeared from the years 1997-1999. Today, the photobomb is a definitive thing that lends Hollywood's more personable celebrities some goof cred-just look at the Jennifer Lawrence effect.

    Over the course of this past awards season and February's fashion month, the term "photobombing" became a vocabulary staple as relevant as "Botox" or "chignon." Once a sacred institution, front rows and red carpets are getting a little more fun-and we're all for it.

    In order to make some sense of this amusing phenomenon, I've put together 13 prime photobombing examples from both the Hollywood and fashion sets (including our own editor-in-chief, Eva Chen)-plus 13 lessons you can learn from each one. Click

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