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  • How Teacher Hannah Upp Was Lost and Found Twice

    Upp’s disappearance was all too familiar. Five years ago, she sparked a New York City-wide search after she vanished at the start of the school year.  At the time, Upp, then 23 and a Spanish teacher, went for a jog near her apartment, and three weeks later, was found by a ferry crew; she was badly sunburned and floating in the Hudson River.

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    She had no memory of the three weeks, nor did she remember how she ended up in the murky water. Trauma experts believed that she suffered from a rare disorder known as dissociative fugue. The sudden and spontaneous amnesia is characterized by a loss of identity, coupled with prolonged, seemingly directionless wandering.

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    It’s unclear whether a relapse was responsible for Upp’s most recent disappearance. Montgomery County police were alerted to her disappearance on Tuesday, after she failed to show up for her job as a teaching assistant at a

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  • Molly: An Old Drug With Terrifying New Tricks

    The Electric Zoo 2013 in New York City, linked to fatal Molly overdoses. (Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images)Molly — the innocuous street name for a drug linked to at least three fatal overdoses in the past month — sounds more like someone’s great-aunt than an illegal substance. A better name for the designer drug, according to both drug enforcement and medical experts, would be “Russian Roulette.”

    “When a buyer abuses something called Molly, there’s no way to tell what’s in it,” Rusty Payne, a spokesperson for the Drug Enforcement Agency told Yahoo Shine. “That’s the most dangerous thing about these drugs.”

    The so-called party drug is believed to be responsible for two deaths and for sickening several more attendees of last week’s Electric Zoo music festival in New York, though final toxicology reports are still pending. Earlier in the week, Molly, which sells for $30 to $50 in capsule pill or powder form, was linked to another death at a concert in Boston.

    “We’re seeing more people in the E.R., more people with toxic reactions and more overdoses from the drug.” Dr. H. Westley Clark, Director

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  • What a Baby, a Dog, and Reddit Can Teach Us About Friendship

    This is the story of two unlikely best friends and how they came to be so close. It all started two and a half years ago, when one of them was just a baby and the other was forced to grow up.

    A Reddit user, known only as bleed-black, posted a series of photos that tracks the development of a baby's relationship with his family's yellow Labrador. The entire gallery is summed up in a single sentence: "My son and dog's 2 1/2 year friendship."

    This is how it all started. (via imgur)What follows is a photo essay on the evolution of an honest-to-goodness friendship between two species.

    It starts with a dog nose, resting closer to a newborn — specifically, the newborn who co-opted the pup's role as the family baby.

    As time passes, the dog's snout paves the way for full-fledged cuddles, mutual eye-gazing, and eventually a kiss. As months pass, the baby develops and so does his friendship with his four-legged older sibling. 

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  • Prince William and Kate Middleton Settle Into Parenthood With Prince George

    (Photo by Alex Davies/FilmMagic)Outside of St. Mary’s Hospital on Tuesday, Prince William secured his newborn’s car-seat, closed the door of a black Range Rover and breathed a sigh of relief, or perhaps,of exhaustion. The work may be over for those journalists camped outside of the Lindo Wing, but for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, it’s only just begun.

    On Wednesday, palace officials released the name of their son, George Alexander Louis. (That's HRH Prince George of Cambridge if you're feeling formal.) Only hours before the naming news, Queen Elizabeth II paid a visit to the couple's Kensington Palace home to meet her grandson. Family will play an important role for the new parents in the coming weeks. 

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    (Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images)Despite their ability to afford top-notch childcare, multiple sources claim the couple have not hired a full-time nanny. The palace would not comment on their staffing situation, but it’s been widely reported that William and Kate want to be hands-on parents, veering

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  • Royal Baby Celebrations Around the World

    After months of anticipation leading up to the Duchess of Cambridge's safe and healthy delivery of a son, the celebrations have begun. From monuments alight in honor of the royal birth to monumental, cork-popping shenanigans in pubs around the globe, one thing can be said about the day old Prince of Cambridge: he knows how to get a party started.-Piper Weiss, Shine Senior Features Editor

  • Kate Middleton and Prince William Welcome Royal Baby ... It's a Boy!

    (Samir Hussein/WireImage)
    It's a prince! On Monday, the world welcomed the newest addition to the royal family and the future heir to England's throne. Palace officials confirmed the arrival of His Royal Highness the Prince of Cambridge, born at St. Mary's Hospital at 4:24 p.m. BST, and weighing 8 lbs. 6 oz..

    "We could not be happier," said Prince William in a statement released by the palace shortly after the birth of his son. He was at his wife's side during her delivery, unlike past royals. Both mother and child are doing fine, the palace confirmed, and are expected to leave the hospital on Tuesday evening (not before 6 pm BST) or Wednesday morning.

    "Mother, son and father are all doing well this morning" palace officials stated in a press release on Tuesday. The name of the future monarch will be released "in due course." 

    "We would like to thank the staff at the Lindo Wing and the whole hospital for the tremendous care the three of us have received," said the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in a statement

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  • Jenny McCarthy Joins 'The View' and Instantly Sparks Internet Outrage

    On Monday morning, Jenny McCarthy was officially named the new co-host of "The View." By that afternoon, she could unofficially be called the series's most controversial addition yet. McCarthy has an unusual resumé for a mainstream talk show host: Playboy Playmate, MTV game show host, parody film star, parenting author, and one of the biggest public opponents of childhood vaccines. It's that last line on her CV that's sparking the outrage bubbling up on social media after the announcement.  

    "Sickened that is going to give anti-vaccination zealot Jenny McCarthy a bigger platform,"
    tweeted feminist author Jessica Valenti.

    When Bill Maher took on "The View"

    "ABC and the View should be ashamed of themselves. Jenny McCarthy deserves to be on some History conspiracy show, not network television," tweeted the Guardian's Harry Enten.

    "The View? I for one am immune to her charms," culture critic Mo Rocca quipped, pun intended.

    Comedian and TV writer Julie Klausner, meanwhile,

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  • George Clooney and the Sex Appeal of Men who Won't Commit

    It's over, folks. (Getty Images)George Clooney has been honest from the start. He doesn’t want to get married, he doesn’t think about getting married, he did it once and it didn’t work out, and even his sister will tell you, he’d rather be single.

    So let’s not repeat the same mistakes we’ve made in past and act surprised by Clooney’s split with Stacy Keibler.  The couple dated two years, following Clooney’s two year relationship with Elisabetta Canalis. Both relationships are said to have ended for the same reason: George Clooney won’t settle down. You can’t blame a woman for taking a ride on his two year relationship train—Lake Como! The Oscars!— but you can’t expect her to change him either.

    Oh, but we do. With every Clooney break-up comes the inevitable disappointment for all who wrestle with a commitment-averse partner. Let’s call them commitment-phobe-aholics—those marrying types (yes, often heterosexual women) most attracted to partners who never want to wed. There is plenty of evidence from Clooney alone, that

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  • 15 Reasons Paris Fashion Week is Crazy

    Paris Fashion Week began like any other. Socialites, celebrities and editors converged for the Spring/Summer 2014 menswear, read-to-wear and Haute Couture collections, to catch a glimpse at next season's designer trends. It was business as usual for event which runs through Friday, until an invasion guards in leather skirts and snap on diapers turned the runway into a dystopian dream-scape. As swamp-like creatures emerged from the mist, aristocrats hid in giant red drapes, shielding themselves from warriors carrying human heads like shiny new purses. Also, Naomi Campbell was there.

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  • On Princess Diana's Birthday, Everything She Touched is Still Gold

    Princess Diana would have turned 52 today. In her short life, she left behind a legacy of aspiration, taste and philanthropy. But in tangible terms, she left behind a wealth of possessions. In the years since her tragic death in 1997, everything she touched became a relic of her reign as the People's Princess. From the blue sapphire ring Prince William passed from his mother to his bride, to the iconic dresses that serve as artifacts on display around the world, Diana's belongings hold tremendous value for her family, friends and for collectors. To this day, her possessions are still coveted as important pieces of history, selling for record prices to the highest bidder. Here's a look at Lady Di's recent items up for auction, or on display. They serve as testament to the undying interest in a life cut short.

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