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  • Grandma Baby Showers Are Now a Thing

    Photo: PinterestIt could be argued that the act of welcoming a baby is just as exciting for the entire family as it is for the new parents. Now, a new trend celebrates this enthusiasm: Baby showers with grandma as the guest of honor are on the rise. Just like a party for a mom-to-be, grandbaby showers typically have tongue-in-cheek games like pin the “No. 1 grandma” ribbon on the baby’s butt (Not to worry, it's just a poster.), along with the requisite diaper towers, theme cakes, and, of course, mountains of presents.

    Photo: PinterestFor those in favor of grandparent showers, the consensus is largely that it’s practical and logical, especially for family members who will be spending a lot of time taking care of the new addition. One reason for the rise of the get-togethers, according to pregnancy and parenting blog The Bump, is that more baby boomers are taking on the role of nanny to their grandchildren. Just like parents of infants, grandparents who intend to babysit a lot need all of the essentials for childcare,

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  • Mattel Is Trying to Change Barbie's Image

    Barbie has gotten a bad rap recently. From calls for a more realistic doll to studies saying the plastic toy can negatively impact girls in a myriad of ways, Mattel has gone into full-on damage control mode. A new initiative from the company called The Barbie Project wants to alter how the media and parents perceive Barbie, change the conversation, and just let kids be.

    The company, amazed that one doll could incite so much discussion, had two documentarians and a "play specialist" go into various families' homes with “no scripts, no rehearsals” and film children playing with their Barbies for a new series that's part of its initiative. The project’s two-minute launch video starts by presenting various contradictions: aspirational and unrealistic; imaginative and limiting; adored and forbidden. “No other doll has sparked as much conversation as Barbie,” the site’s mission statement states. “But maybe kids don’t see Barbie the way adults do?”

    The video includes interviews with parents,

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  • Samantha Harris Shares Mastectomy Selfie From Hospital Room

    Like many celebrities, former “Dancing With the Stars” host Samantha Harris shares personal photos with her social media followers on a very regular basis. But on Tuesday, she posted one that did more than just update fans on her kids' activities or that she #justwokeuplikethis – it brought them inside her hospital room moments before she underwent a double mastectomy.

    Prior to the procedure, she snapped a pre-op selfie that revealed the incision site marks the doctor had made, and after the surgery she shared the pic to let her 21,000 Twitter followers know that all went well. She wrote, "Made it thru grueling double mastectomy #surgery. Thanks to all of my amazing surgical team. Like my "art" b4 heading in?!"

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    During a self-examination last year, Harris detected a lump in her right breast. While she had received a clean mammogram not long before, she still saw a specialist. A needle

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  • Mother Receives Mysterious Letter From Late Son

    Photo: WBIRGail Sharp was dreading Mother's Day because her youngest son, Cameron, died in a car accident last year, but then she received a mysterious letter in the mail that made it something special.

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    An envelope addressed to Cameron arrived at the family home in Andersonville, Tenn., recently, according to WBIR, an Anderson County, Tennessee local news affiliate. Shockingly, the letter was actually written by Cameron himself seven years ago as a school assignment.

    More on Yahoo: Woman With Terminal Cancer Surprised With 50-Person Flash Mob at Home

    The 30-word letter reads: “Dear Cameron. On this day my brother will graduate from middle school. On the same day I watched the movie Night at the Museum. My favorite teacher is Mr. Cawood."

    Gail Sharp reading her son's letter. (Photo: WBIR)Mr. Cawood, or as he's better known, Dale Caldwell, explained that the project, which he assigns every year, was for the students to write a letter to themselves as a reminder of

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  • Father Has Taken a Photo Every Day of Daughter's Life for 18 Years

    When Suman Bansal was born in 1996, her father, like most parents, wanted to capture as many moments of his newborn’s life as he could. But Munish Bansal went above and beyond and has since taken a staggering 6,575 photos of his daughter — one for every day of her life so far. Now, in 2014, to honor her 18th birthday, he has compiled every portrait into an awesome montage that mirrors her current appearance.

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    Photo: Munish Bansal/Rex FeaturesFrom ultrasound to adulthood, Bansal, 41, has faithfully taken a photograph of Suman, who turns 18 on May 16, 365 days a year for the last 18 years. He was inspired to start the project when his wife, Rita, was pregnant with Suman, noting that he wanted to see how a child changes on a day-to-day and month-to-month basis. (You can watch Suman age in the video above, which includes every photo her dad has taken.)

    Bansal, who lives in Gillingham, Kent in the U.K. has never skipped a single day. He

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  • Service Dog Receives College Degree on Behalf of Deceased Owner

    More than 2,000 people — and one dog — graduated from Idaho State University this week. Cletus, a service dog, walked the stage at commencement to accept a posthumous degree on behalf of his late owner, Josh Kelly, who passed away in February, reports NPG, a local news affiliate in Idaho.

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    Kelly, who died at the age of 38 of complications from epilepsy, was a part-time student at ISU for several years and was working to complete a Bachelor of Science degree. To honor his hard work, Josh's father, Terrell Kelly, and loyal companion, Cletus, stood in his stead at the May 10 graduation ceremony and accepted his diploma. “Josh worked for years trying to earn this degree and he was in his last semester,” Terrell said in an interview posted on the Idaho State University website. “Cletus went to all those classes, too, so he probably deserves half that degree.”

    More on Yahoo: Watch as an amazing blind dog plays fetch with its owner

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  • Twin Carries Injured Sister Across the Finish Line

    Photo: Lisa Levault Rapp
    Twin sisters Chloe and Claire Gruenke might have come in last place in their recent track race, but they deserve a medal anyway for the inspiring way they made it across the finish line.

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    The 13-year-old girls, both eighth-graders from Trenton, Illinois, were competing in the 800-meter race at the Southern Illinois State track meet on May 10, when Chloe took a tumble, according to KTVI, a local news affiliate in nearby St. Louis. “I felt something pull and pop in my thigh and then around the first curve on the second lap it just hurt too bad and I couldn’t go anymore so I just fell to the ground,” she explained in an interview with the station. But she didn’t stay there long. Instead, Claire pulled her sister on to her back and carried the injured twin for the remaining 370 meters all the way to the finish line.

    More on Yahoo: 8-Year-Old Florida Girl Helps Mom Deliver Healthy Baby Brother

    Twins have a special bond, of

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  • 3 Years After Japan Tsunami Tore Them Apart, Cat and Owners Reunited

    Photo: The Asahi Shimbun via Getty Images
    A cat who disappeared during the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in 2011 has been reunited with his owners after more than three years, Japanese newspaper the Asahi Shimbun reports.

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    Suika, a black domestic shorthaired cat, was separated from his owners, Kazuko Yamagishi, 64, and her husband, Takeo, 67, on March 11, 2011. Although the couple, who live in the town of Ofunato, searched for Suika for three months, they eventually gave up hope and presumed he hadn’t survived the disaster.

    However, just last month someone noticed a cat curled up among the trees in a town about 10 miles from the Yamagishis' home and brought it to the Ofunato Health Center.

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    After the unidentified cat wasn’t claimed for a few days, animal rescue officials decided to try to locate the owners through an ad in a local newspaper with the cat’s picture.

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  • Mom Pays Off Every Student's Balance Following Denial of School Lunch to Son

    When Amanda Keown got a call at work from her son last week, the news she received made her furious. Dominic Gant, a junior at Dowagiac Union High School in Dowagiac, Michigan, told his mother that he had not received his hot lunch that day because of an outstanding balance. But instead of just fixing her son’s situation, she decided to help the rest of the students dealing with the same situation.

    More on Yahoo Shine: School Lunch Is on This Generous Third-Grader’s Tab

    Keown, a single mother who holds two jobs to support her family, didn’t realize there were insufficient funds in Dominic’s account (a total of $4.95 was still owed on his account). Though he offered to pay $2 of the $2.45 tab that day with the money he had on him and then bring the remainder in the next day, his offer was turned down and his lunch was thrown in the trash by a school official. Not only was the 16-year-old humiliated in front of his peers by the very public incident, but his name was also posted, along

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  • Mom and Teen Daughter Drop Collective 74 Pounds in 100-Day Challenge

    Deciding to go to the gym instead of watching TV and choosing beets over burgers aren’t always easy lifestyle choices to make. But going the healthier route is easier to do with someone by your side, and mother-daughter duo Cheryl Shaw and Tessa Nichole are proving it with their impressive combined weight loss.

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    After Shaw, 50, called off her wedding last year, she became depressed and, as a result, started eating poorly. “My life started spiraling out of control. I put on all this weight,” says Shaw, who works as an EMT at a New Jersey hopsital. “My kids got very worried about me.” And she had an extra reason to be concerned: Her poor eating habits were impacting her kids as well. After working late into the evening, Shaw was bringing fast food home for her family at 10:30 at night.

    More on Yahoo: Lifestyle and Diet Are the Keys to Reducing National Health Care Cost

    After seeing a video on, a website

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