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  • Why Makeup With SPF Is No Substitute for Sunscreen

    Photo by CorbisWhen it comes to your summer beauty routine, three little letters hold a lot of importance: "SPF." More than 2 million people are diagnosed with skin cancer every year in the United States, and if you’re going to be spending any time in the summer sun, using products that contain SPF is the best way to protect yourself. Wearing SPF can also help prevent signs of aging like wrinkles and sun spots. Though a large variety of makeup, including foundation, powder, BB cream, and tinted lip balm, now includes SPF, is a single morning application of an infused product going to give you the same benefit as using sunscreen? The answer is no.

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    The issue isn't whether or not the product actually contains SPF, but rather how it's applied. "In general if the product carries an SPF number it has to be tested by the FDA, so theoretically, if the product carries an SPF 30 on it then yes, you are getting an SPF 30 as it is defined by the FDA," Dr. Ava

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  • Memorial Day Sales You Can't Miss

    Memorial Day sales are here!
    While you prepare for three days of barbeques, beach days, and quality time with family and friends as we honor the country's vets, remember that Memorial Day weekend is also a great time to save cash on stylish clothing and accessories you'll wear all season long. The best part: most deals are already available online. Ready, set, shop!

    AG Jeans - Save $50 when you spend $200, $75 when you spend $300, and $125 when you spend $500 through May 26

    American Eagle - 50% off all AE clearance items for a limited time and free shipping on all purchases through Monday

    Ann Taylor - 40% off all sale styles and free shipping over $175

    Anthropologie - Select summer items on sale - 20% off everything with promo code WEBEGRILLIN through 5/28. Select summer styles are an additional 25% off

    Banana Republic - 40% off most items with code BRHEAT through Monday

    Barney's Warehouse - 30% off everything through Tuesday

    Bath and Body Works - While supplies last, get 20% off your order plus free

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  • How to Pull Off the Season's Extreme 'It' Lip Color

    Reese Witherspoon went pink for the Met Ball earlier this month. Photo by George Pimentel/WireImageReese Witherspoon went pink for the Met Ball earlier this month. Photo by George Pimentel/WireImageAfter years of bold red lips dominating the runways and the red carpet, hot pink pouts are suddenly taking over. Whether crimson has become your signature color you quite honestly never loved the red lips trend to begin with, now’s the time to experiment and change up your look. Don’t be intimated by this bright shade — it’s more modern than the pink lips of the ‘80s, and if you find the right hue it’s extremely flattering on just about every skin tone. Yahoo Shine enlisted New York-based makeup magician Jennifer Fleming to explain the sudden trend and help ladies master it at home.

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    "A lip switch is always an easy way to remix your look for the season, and the shift from red to bright pink lips is inspired by the colors of spring,” says Fleming, who adds that says celebrities are leading the trend, and can serve as our inspiration. "If a bright pink lip had a face, it would be Katy Perry. She epitomizes the trend: fun, bold,

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  • Who Wears Short Shorts? This Summer, It's the Guys

    Short shorts on the runway at Versace, Nautica, and Dolce & Gabbana. Photos by Getty Images

    It’s not unusual for women’s hemlines to dramatically rise and fall from minis to maxis from season to season. And last summer women’s shorts were so tiny they practically resembled underwear. It may seem like guys have had it easy in terms of baring their legs, with the majority of shorts clocking in at the same comfortable, conservative, knee-cap-grazing length. But after further investigation, rhe Wall Street Journal found that men’s shorts have suddenly started rising up the thigh at a startling rate — several inches each year, as opposed to mere millimeters — to an inseam that would make even the most confident dude blush.

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    According to the WSJ, over the past few years the standard inseam on men's shorts has rapidly shrunk from 15 inches to a “newly fashionable thigh-flaunting 5 inches." Any shorter and guys may need to consider bikini waxes. Leading the way for shorter shorts, runway designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Versace,

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  • Fashion Designers Taking Advantage of Gun Laws

    Designer Sarah Church made this zipper-front dress for easy access to a concealed gun. Photo via Sarah Church.Now that Illinois has become the 50th state to legally allow some degree of concealed weapons, several Chicago designers are ready to cash in on the change, coming up withcreative and stylish ways for interested parties to hide their firearms.

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    According to a Gallup poll released last year, 23 percent of gun owners are women — up 13 percent from 2005. A quick Web search turns up a large variety of handbags designed to conceal weapons, but the new trend adds fashionable apparel to the mix.

    No matter where you stand on state gun laws, there does appear to be a market for women looking to tote their guns around. Karen Bartuch, a former Chicago police officer and president of the Women's Tactical Association in Illinois translated her love of guns into her own company, AlphaGirls, which sells jewelry and hair accessories that double as self-defense weapons and also offers gun-training classes. "We are girly girls who like

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  • Every Summer Beauty Issue, Solved

    Warmer temperatures mean you can get back to a more active outdoor lifestyle and break out a new wardrobe, too (hello swimsuits and strappy sandals!). But, unfortunately, a whole new set of beauty issues comes with the territory. From painful sunburn to frizzy hair to makeup melting off your face, Yahoo Shine enlisted a team of experts to help solve — and maybe even prevent — every cosmetic problem you'll encounter all summer long.

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    Fading hair color
    "Products that have SPF and UV protection are always great to use during the summer months,” says Marc Mena, a celebrity stylist at Warren Tricomi salon in New York. "Another great tip is to wear your hair in the opposite direction that you usually do. If you always wear your hair in a low ponytail, try wearing a top bun at the top of your head so different parts of your hair are exposed.” Mena also suggests wearing hats in the sun to block exposure. You can

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  • Print-Your-Own Makeup: 3D Printer Brings New Cosmetics Innovation

    Inventor Grace Choi presents the new Mink device. Photo via Twitter/EmceeSLIM
    Forget makeup counters. Women may soon start buying cosmetics in an entirely new way thanks to one woman's invention that sounds straight out of the future: printable makeup.

    On Monday, Harvard Business School grad Grace Choi hit the stage at Disrupt NewYork, a conference for startups and entrepreneurs hosted by TechCrunch, to present her new invention. The 3D printing device, called Mink, could potentially turn the cosmetics industry upside down. In her presentation, Choi said, “The makeup industry makes a whole lot of money on a whole lot of b-------, and they do this by charging a huge premium on one thing that technology provides for free. And that one thing is color.”

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    Choi says the goal of Mink is to combine the selection of prestige with the convenience of a mass product and bring it right into the consumer's own home. The printer works by pulling the color of your choice — from anywhere including a Pinterest

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  • Meet the Designer Behind Johnny Weir's Show-Stealing Derby Hat

    Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty ImagesWhen it comes to the Kentucky Derby, we care about two things: which horse wins and who had the best hat (not necessarily in that order). The hands-down winner this year was Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir who served as a commentator for this weekend's big event. Weir and fellow pro skater Tara Lipinski (the other half of his beloved on-air duo at the Sochi games earlier this year) were at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, providing fashion commentary for NBC, but it was his own feather and pegasus-adorned headdress that drew the most fanfare. "It's all about victory today and I wanted to show pegasus," Weir said of the hat on air. "Clean, pure, fun, feathers, and that’s what the Derby’s about, fashion-wise.” Yahoo Shine reached out to Kerin Rose Gold, the celeb designer who created Weir's custom hat, to get the inside scoop on the buzzed-about headpiece sure to go down in Derby history.

    Yahoo Shine: How did get to work with Johnny Weir on this awesome project?

    Kerin Rose

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  • Foods That Make You Beautiful, Inside and Out

    Photo: Courtesy of The Recipe for RadianceYou may have tried putting cucumber slices on eyes to reduce puffiness, but there are lots of other, sometimes surprising, DIY remedies in your fridge that can enhance your skin, your hair, and even your nails. Likewise, many of these same foods and basic pantry staples contain vitamins, antioxidants, and acids with incredible beautifying properties when you eat them. Alexis Wolfer, editor of The Beauty Bean, combines both of these ideas in her new book, "The Recipe for Radiance: Discover Beauty's Best-Kept Secrets in Your Kitchen." Yahoo Shine caught up with who some have called "female beauty MacGyver" to get the inside scoop on the ingredients and recipes that can make you prettier from the inside and out in an all-natural, ultra-affordable way.

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    Yahoo Shine: What is the most versatile ingredient used in your recipes and what can it do?

    Alexis Wolfer: Coconut oil. Internally, it's a great cooking oil because it has a higher smoke

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  • The Mystery of Rita Ora: Famous for Her Image, Rich off Endorsements

    Photo: Rommel Demano/Getty ImagesWho is Rita Ora? It's not the easiest question to answer. The 23-year-old's official website touts her new single, "I Will Never Let You Down," but most people wouldn't know it by name and her first U.S. album won't be released till later this summer. Odds are you've heard her name, and you may even recognize Ora thanks to her strong red carpet presence, her high-profile dating history (exes include Rob Kardashian, Bruno Mars, while her current flame is DJ/producer Calvin Harris), or the Brit's latest endorsement triumph. But is that enough to make her one of the biggest celebs of 2014? Possibly. Media outlets including AOL have recently reported that Ora is worth a whopping $145 million, though that figure is up for debate.

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    Her career began in 2009, when Ora was a budding young star with just a few song cameos under her belt (Craig David featured her in his songs "Awkward" and "Where's Your Love). Roc

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