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  • Champagne Punch Recipe to Toast the Oscars

    Recipe by Ruth Cousineau; Photograph by Jeffrey Schad with food and prop styling by Paul Grimes, Gourmet

    This pretty-in-pink punch is a festive and delicious way to kick-off your awards show party. If you prefer a punch that's less sweet, use fresh squeezed pomegranate juice instead of bottled (see Cooks' Notes).

    makes 8 servings
    active time: 10 min
    total time: 1 1/2 hr

    1 1/4 cups water
    * 1/4 cup sugar
    * 2 (4-inch long) strips lemon zest
    * 1 cup chilled bottled pomegranate juice
    * 3 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
    * 1 750 ml bottle chilled pink sparkling wine or champagne

    lemon twists

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    Bring water, sugar, and lemon zest to a boil in a 1-quart saucepan, stirring to dissolve sugar, then boil 5 minutes. Transfer to a bowl and add pomegranate and lemon juice, then chill until very cold, at least 1 hour.
    * Just before

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  • Pork Dumpling Recipe to Ring in the Chinese New Year

    These dumplings are delicious whether you put the classic pleats in them or not.
    by Gourmet

    Gourmet/Yanes,Romulo AGourmet/Yanes,Romulo Ayield: Makes 4 main-course servings (makes 32)
    active time: 1 1/4 hr
    total time: 1 1/4 hr

    1 3/4 cups all-purpose flour plus additional for dusting
    1 (2-inch) piece peeled fresh ginger
    1/2 cup light soy sauce
    1 bunch scallions, thinly sliced
    3/4 lb ground pork (from shoulder; not lean)

    special equipment
    a 3 1/4-inch round cookie cutter

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    * Stir together flour and 1/2 cup lukewarm water in a bowl until a dough forms. Knead on a lightly floured surface until just smooth, 1 to 2 minutes, then wrap tightly in plastic wrap and let stand at room temperature at least 10 minutes.**

    * While dough stands, halve ginger, then finely chop 1 half and cut remaining half into very thin matchsticks (less than 1/8 inch thick).

    * Combine 5 tablespoons soy sauce with ginger matchsticks in a small bowl.

    * Reserve 2 tablespoons scallions for garnish,

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  • by Gourmet

    Gourmet/Romulo YanesGourmet/Romulo YanesPEACH-LACQUERED CHICKEN WINGS
    Caution: May require finger licking. Gooey chicken wings are sure to please a crowd, not to mention your wallet. The sweet and spicy glaze requires only five ingredients, including peach preserves (though apricot preserves work well, too).
    recipe by Melissa Roberts

    SERVES 4 TO 6

    3 garlic cloves
    1 (3-inch) piece peeled ginger, coarsely chopped
    2/3 cup peach or apricot preserves or jam
    1/3 cup soy sauce
    2 tablespoons water
    1/4 teaspoon hot red-pepper flakes
    4 lb chicken wings, tips removed if desired

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    * Preheat broiler.
    * With motor running, drop garlic into a food processor and finely chop. Add ginger and finely chop.
    * Add preserves, soy sauce, water, and red-pepper flakes and pulse until sauce is combined.
    * Line bottom and sides of a large 4-sided sheet pan with foil and lightly oil foil.
    * Pat wings dry and put in sheet

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  • Queso Fundido Recipe: The Ultimate Dip for the Super Bowl and Beyond

    recipe by Gina Marie Miraglia Eriquez, Gourmet

    Chris Gentile with food styling by Kay ChunChris Gentile with food styling by Kay ChunQUESO FUNDIDO
    No offense to salsa, but come on, who doesn't love a gooey, cheesy bean dip, bubbling hot like lava from the broiler? If you're a chile head, you'll probably want to up the number of chiles and leave the seeds in. If your friends are more, ahem, delicate, then stick with one chile and remove the seeds and ribs.


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    2 links dried Spanish chorizo, (3 1/2 ounces) skin removed and finely chopped (3/4 cup)
    1 tablespoon vegetable oil
    2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
    1 medium onion, finely chopped
    1 red bell pepper, finely chopped
    1 fresh jalapeño or Serrano chile, seeded, if desired, and finely chopped
    1 teaspoon sweet paprika
    1 (14- to 15-ounce) can refried pinto beans
    3/4 cup water
    8 ounce Manchego or Monterey Jack cheese, coarsely

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  • Best Meatballs and How to Eat Them

    by Kemp Minifie, Gourmet

    Whether on top of spaghetti, floating in soup, stuffed in a hero, or slid between slider buns, there's plenty of meatball love here to span all ages and finicky palates. And there's nothing wrong--in fact, there's everything right--with meatballs in a starring role on their own, baked as a main dish or skewered and served with cocktails.

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  • Winter Salads to Try Now

    by Kelly Senyei, Gourmet

    Now that one of the biggest food days of the year is behind us, I'm turning to a bevy of winter salads to lighten my caloric load before the next holiday feast. From tangy citrus to crisp endive, our recipes are guaranteed to provide a light and refreshing twist to your next meal.

    recipe by Paul Grimes
    A salad of oranges and slightly bitter endive and escarole rounds out the buffet of fried latkes and rich toppings.

    SERVES 8

    * 2 navel oranges
    * 2 teaspoons red-wine vinegar
    * 3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
    * 2 teaspoons Dijon mustard
    * 1 medium head escarole, torn into 2- to 3-inch pieces (12 cups)
    * 4 Belgian endives, leaves separated and halved crosswise

    * Grate 1 tsp zest from 1 orange and reserve.
    * Cut peel, including white pith, from oranges with a sharp knife. Cut segments free from membranes into a bowl.

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  • Red Walnuts, Just in Time for Holiday Bakers

    by Kemp Minifie, Gourmet

    Kemp MinifieKemp Minifie
    If ever there was a perfect nut for the December holidays, it's the red walnut. The skin covering the creamy white nutmeat is almost uncanny in its deep, beaujolais-red color. You might be tempted to think someone got frisky with a bottle of red dye, or suspect that there's some wacky genetic modification going on, but in fact, it's the result of grafting Persian red walnut trees onto the more common English walnut trees, because English walnuts are larger, creamier nuts.

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    Interestingly, what we call the English walnut is actually native to Persia. The English became linked with the walnut, not because they grew them commercially--they didn't--but because English sea merchants traded them all around the world. These days, California produces about three-quarters of the world's walnuts.

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    The Best Ways to Eat Meatballs

    You'd never know a red walnut by its shell. It's the same shade of beige as an English

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  • 8 Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipes

    by Kelly Senyei, Gourmet

    Just because Thanksgiving is still several days away, doesn't mean we can't start preparing for one of my personal favorite parts of the year's biggest feast: the leftovers. Find inspiration for adding creative twists to what's left from the big bird, mashed potatoes, cranberries, and more with eight of our top recipes starring Thanksgiving leftovers.

    by Romulo Yanesby Romulo YanesTURKEY HASH
    recipe by Melissa Roberts
    Thanksgiving turkey makes its way into a breakfast favorite. And we add crisp, fruity Cubanelle peppers, instead of everyday bell peppers, to make this dish really special.


    * 1 1/2 lb medium Yukon Gold potatoes
    * 7 tablespoons unsalted butter, divided
    * 1 medium onion, finely chopped
    * 2 Cubanelle peppers (Italian green frying peppers),
    * 1 cup shredded cooked turkey (preferably dark meat)
    * 4 large eggs

    * Generously cover potatoes with cold water, then simmer, partially covered, until just tender, 20 to 25 minutes.

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  • No Thanksgiving would be complete without some family drama, so we consulted top cocktail experts for 10 liquid prescriptions for whatever ails your clan--recipes included
    by Kerry Acker, Gourmet

    Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful, to savor the kindness of kin around the hearth, and…wait a minute, who are we kidding? Much as we love the holiday--and, yes, we love you, too, Mom--there are times when Thanksgiving and its attendant family rituals can be, well, an exquisite brand of torture. But we've got your back, dear readers. To help you cope with the horrors of the holiday, we've assembled a panel of professional mix-masters to prescribe the perfect cocktail cure for all sorts of Turkey Day meltdown moments. Cheers!

    * Suppose…: You're minding your own business, scarfing down the cheese plate before the big meal, when your sister and her husband launch into a Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?-style blowout.
    * Cocktail cure: "Knock out some Bonded Bourbon Manhattans immediately with

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  • 5 Essential Thanksgiving Side Dishes, 5 Ways

    Take your favorite Thanksgiving side dishes from boring to brilliant with these quick and easy ingredient upgrades
    by Kendra Vizcaino-Lico, Gourmet

    Kyle G. Ericksen (cranberries); Romulo Yanes (all others)Kyle G. Ericksen (cranberries); Romulo Yanes (all others)

    Turkey may be the star of Thanksgiving dinner, but side dishes can make or break the meal. Update your old holiday standbys with a few simple additions that will have your guests reaching for second helpings.

    The basic ingredients: Day-old bread or cornbread, butter, chicken or turkey stock, onions, celery, herbs, and eggs

    The upgrades:
    1. Dried Cranberries: Cranberries add a sweet and tangy flavor to stuffing. They go particularly well in a cornbread dressing. Sprinkle in about 2 tablespoons of cranberries per cup of stuffing.

    2. Sausage: This flavorful addition may not be ideal for the vegetarians at the table, but the meat eaters will be thankful. Sausage adds great flavor and texture. Cook fresh sausage through and slice or crumble it into the bread mixture before baking. Dried sausage, like chorizo, will also work very

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