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  • How Your Partner's Sun Sign Can Help Keep Your Relationship Fresh!

    How Your Partner's Sun Sign Can Help Keep Your Relationship Fresh!
    While relationships need a certain amount of excitement and unpredictability to remain interesting, ongoing traditions are also important to maintain stability. The element of your significant other's Sun sign can offer insight into what types of activities they enjoy most, allowing you to explore ways to not only keep the fire of love alive, but also make it thrive!

    Air signs: Get the Word Out
    Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius like to communicate, so a ritual that involves talking, writing, or anything to do with words will certainly engage them. Air signs need to be mentally stimulated to prevent boredom, so plan activities that keep their mind active.
    Activity ideas: A Saturday night of word games (Scrabble, Boggle, etc.) for just the two of you; a monthly poetry exercise, in which you take turns composing poems about your feelings for each other; attending a poetry jam, or perhaps a book reading featuring one of your favorite authors.

    Discover the personality of your relationship

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  • Mercury Enters Leo: Open-hearted Communication

    Mercury Enters Leo: Open-hearted Communication
    Following a long retrograde phase in June, the planet of communication, Mercury, has finally finished its trek through the signs of Gemini and Cancer. On Thursday, July 31, it lands in a new sign at long last -- the loving, open-hearted constellation of Leo. After months of over-analysis and mood swings, you'll be ready to lay your feelings on the table without fear, regret, or passive-aggressiveness.

    If you've struggled to relate to your partner throughout the last few months, it's no wonder. Any Mercury retrograde can cause communication havoc, but these issues become even more intense in Gemini, where it's almost impossible to get people to say what they mean. Before Mercury returned to Gemini on June 17, it spent the first few weeks of its retrograde in Cancer, where it heightened all emotions past the point of no return.

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    Thank the stars that this energy

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  • Staycation Ideas from the Stars

    Staycation Ideas from the Stars
    Getting a break from work and your daily routine doesn't have to involve an expensive trip to some exotic location. A "staycation" -- a short vacation close to home, or even right in your hometown -- is a way to enjoy some fun while not breaking the bank. Use your Sun sign as a guide to plan time off that's nearby, affordable, and ideal for you!

    The perfect Aries staycation is high-energy, fast-paced, and exciting. Try unwinding by taking a rock-climbing trip, visiting a local racetrack, or getting tickets to a major sporting event.

    Earthy Taurus will appreciate a trip that allows them to commune with nature and enjoy the sensual pleasures of life in a leisurely way. Camping, a garden tour, or a day spent touring local wineries will surely make this easygoing sign happy.

    A great staycation for this curious and communicative sign involves plenty of opportunities to acquire new information. Think creatively: A tour of a famous writer's home will

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  • The Sun Enters Leo: Play Time!

    The Sun Enters Leo: Play Time!
    The Sun enters gregarious Leo on Tuesday, July 22 -- a transit that's sure to kick-start a month-long celebration of love, happiness, and generosity. This solar cycle signals your annual infusion of luxury, encouraging grand romantic gestures as well as going all-out to spoil the one you love!

    Leadership is sexy with the Sun in Leo, so don't hesitate to take charge of your love life. If you want a date with someone new, or if you'd like to enjoy a five-star experience with your partner, it's up to you to make the first move.

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    The Sun in Leo exudes a warm, fiery energy that encourages passion, action, and adventure. Leo is one of the most loyal and loving signs, so be bold about showing your affection now.

    Spare no expense if you want to impress, as this generous energy encourages sharing the best of

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  • Use Your Child's Sun Sign to Plan Summer Fun!

    Use Your Child's Sun Sign to Plan Summer Fun!
    Looking to nurture your child's self-esteem while making this their best summer yet? It's not too late to use your kid's Sun sign to plan some exciting summer activities for them!

    Though Aries children love to be independent, team sports can help these feisty youngsters learn how to play well with others, while still providing them with a healthy dose of competition. Try getting them started on a swim team or another summer sporting activity.

    Taurus kids may simply want to laze away their summer days in front of the TV or computer, but these Earth sign kids will thrive if you kick them out into nature -- even if they resist at first. Start a garden together, or perhaps take them on a short hike to teach them about local flora.

    Gemini kids enjoy learning, though they'll likely enjoy a break from the formal structure of school. Expose them to new experiences, books, and people over the summer, and make sure they have plenty of opportunities to

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  • Deepen Your Commitment as Saturn Goes Direct in Scorpio

    Deepen Your Commitment as Saturn Goes Direct in Scorpio
    When taskmaster planet Saturn finally ends its retrograde period on Sunday, July 20 in the dark waters of Scorpio, it's definitely a case of all-or-nothing! Look to where Saturn has been touring your horoscope to see which area of your life is up for the Saturnian litmus test.

    Scorpio possesses the type of do-or-die fixed Water energy that doesn't allow you to remain in the wishy-washy indecision of the preceding Air sign, Libra. The area of your horoscope dominated by Scorpio is where you'll often face your deepest fears, insecurities, and emotional vulnerabilities. And now with Saturn coming through as a karmic auditor of sorts, you can bet you'll be tested to give your heart and soul -- indeed, "Go deep or go home" is this pairing's motto!

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    If you're willing to work hard, confront your shadows, and truly deepen your commitments, Saturn will lift you up. If you avoid

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  • Emotional Conversations as Mercury Enters Cancer

    Emotional Conversations as Mercury Enters Cancer
    When the messenger planet, Mercury, moves back into Cancer on Saturday, July 12 after its recent retrograde phase, you may find that your brain feels a bit water-logged and confused. Emotional issues that were on your mind in early June may resurface now in hopes of gaining deeper clarification.

    You may feel less lighthearted and flexible in your choice of thoughts and words now that Mercury is in the moody sign of Cancer. You may also find you're more prone to emotional reactions in conversations, even resorting to passive-aggressive tactics to protect your feelings.

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    Furthermore, your fear of rejection and emotional abandonment could be higher than usual now. Even though Mercury is no longer retrograde, you may continue to feel hung up on feelings and emotional attachments from the past. Cancer is one of the most sentimental signs

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  • Mercury Direct in Gemini: Clarity Returns!

    Mercury Direct in Gemini: Clarity Returns!
    Since June 7, we've been embroiled in the muddy slog of Mercury's latest retrograde, retracing steps and dealing with an enforced slowdown. If your mind has felt like complete mush, you'll be happy to know that the planet in charge of communication finally turns direct today!

    Your first instinct might be to jump in immediately in an aggressive attempt to get back to whatever it is you had to put on hold during the first week of June. While it's true that you can now move forward, you'll still want to heed the shadow of the retrograde -- the ten-day period between the day Mercury goes direct (today, July 1) and the day it finally returns to its "normal" speed.

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    With Mercury now returning to direct motion in its home sign of Gemini, sensations are doubled, much like the Twins portrayed in Gemini's glyph. When

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  • Your Feng Shui Guidance for July!

    Your Feng Shui Guidance for July!
    Feng Shui is the area of Chinese medicine that helps you rest, relax, and restore your vital energies through healthful practices and a calm environment. Learn how's Ellen Whitehurst can help you create a peaceful home, landscape, and workplace by applying Feng Shui principles of balance and harmony to your everyday life!

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    Here's a bit of high-summer Feng Shui wisdom that's bound to make your days sizzle and shine!

    Feng Shui suggests that during this time of year, you should energize the chi of your most important home items by exposing them to sunlight. So, start by airing out your bedding in an outdoors space, particularly if it's been subject to stale energy during the first half of the year.

    Next, thoroughly cleanse a crystal by first washing it in water, then by placing it in direct sunlight for eight hours to revivify its energy.

    Finally, since

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  • A Sign-by-Sign Guide to Your Ideal Honeymoon!

    A Sign-by-Sign Guide to Your Ideal Honeymoon!
    You're getting married, and now you're about to head off on vacation with your very best friend. The world is your oyster ... so where are you going to go? Here are some sign-by-sign tips on how to make yours a honeymoon from heaven!

    Adventure of a Lifetime: Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)
    It's been said you fall more deeply in love with someone if you live through a memorable experience together. Making your heart race releases all sorts of chemicals in your brain -- the same that are associated with loving someone. Fire signs need this kind of stimulation and adventure to keep the spark alive, so set yourselves up for success by doing something that will surely wake you up. An African Safari? Surfing in Costa Rica? White-water rafting on the Colorado River? You get the idea.

    Discover intimacy and give your love life new sizzle! Learn how to make a new love connection, reinvent your relationship and transform your everyday life for the better with a free sample Love's

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