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  • Emotional Cleansing as Pluto Retrogrades in Capricorn

    Emotional Cleansing as Pluto Retrogrades in Capricorn
    Pluto, the planet of deep emotional cleansing, is now imparting another round of retrograde teachings in the sign of Capricorn. Between now and September, you'll be called to further delve into your own shadow issues surrounding power, authority, and control, assessing how these elements may still lurk in your psyche in potentially destructive ways.

    These dark themes began scratching their way to the surface once Pluto first entered Capricorn in 2008. Pluto works like the classic psychoanalytic metaphor of peeling an onion, revealing layers circuitously until the deepest core of an issue is reached. It takes time and repetitive emotional experience to excavate an issue in your psyche, so sometimes it's easy to forget that major change is no overnight fix.

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    This transit also holds the potential to scapegoat others and project your unresolved

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  • The Sun Enters Taurus: Calmer Days

    The Sun Enters Taurus: Calmer Days
    After an insanely fiery month of Aries' domination, you're bound to welcome the Sun's placid entrance into the sign of Taurus, which occurred this past Saturday. Get ready to experience relief at finally watching some of Aries' embers die down so you can once again get back to a slower pace and land your feet back on the ground.

    The Sun's transit through Taurus is an excellent time to get back into your body, focus on simplicity and contentment, and take time to savor the beauty of life. There's no need to rush or hurry, because if you do, you'll pass up the experience of living fully through all five senses. Spring flowers are blooming and life is wonderfully rich right now, so it's up to you to get out of your own way long enough to simply chill out and appreciate the gorgeousness of it all.

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    Next to its Venus-ruled sister sign, Libra, Taurus can be the calmest

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  • Venus in Pisces: Get Creative!

    Venus in Pisces: Get Creative!
    Without a doubt, April looks to be one of the most dramatic months of 2014. Thankfully, Venus' time spent in Pisces (through May 3) offers blessings and protection along the way. And since Pisces is a Water sign, you can expect to get carried away by moments of creativity -- so, allow yourself to ride that wave!

    Venus in Pisces inspires a fluid, driven energy that highlights the beauty of experience rather than the push to achieve. This cycle is all about playfulness and enjoying the good things in life. Indulging in luxury doesn't matter as much as spending quality time with those you adore.

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    Express your affections through thoughtful gestures that show you care: Bake someone their favorite cake, or perhaps make a handmade gift for a newborn baby. Artistic experiences will be easily triggered by

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  • Speak Your Truth with Mercury in Aries

    Speak Your Truth with Mercury in Aries
    Communication planet Mercury is at its most confident in Aries, the sign through which it's transiting until April 23. But just as this is a time to watch for foot-in-mouth syndrome, speaking your truth now is a must -- especially when it comes to family matters.

    Mercury in Aries is bold, direct, and to the point, so be sure to speak your mind without necessarily turning aggressive. A firm, honest approach will help create clarity. After all, this is a time you can safely be more upfront with your loved ones.

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    Kids may be more direct now, too, so try to appreciate their to-the-point style. There's no softening the truth with this placement; instead, do all you can to simply tell it like it is. An energetic approach to communication will help you enjoy debate more than usual.

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  • Your Sun Sign's Spring Fever Forecast!

    Your Sun Sign's Spring Fever Forecast!
    Spring is in the air (or will be very soon), and with this change of season comes a change of temperature -- internally, externally, and emotionally. Perhaps there's no known remedy for spring fever, but here's what you and your Sun sign can expect in the coming weeks!

    Spring strength: You're all action; thinking is optional.
    Spring weakness: See 'Spring strength.'
    Advice: Don't mix a passionate mood with access to electronic media. After all, you can't retrieve an e-mail or text once you hit "send." And even if you can remove a social media post, you can't remove its memory in the minds of those who already read it!

    Spring strength: A nose for opportunity. You'll have the ability to sense good deals and act quickly on them.
    Spring weakness: There's a lot you want to buy ... and most of it, you don't need.
    Advice: Shopping isn't always buying. Start using wishlists. It will give you the thrill of acquisition without the risk of buyer's remorse. When the season

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  • The Sun in Aries: Prioritize Yourself!

    The Sun in Aries: Prioritize Yourself!
    Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, has been in the sign of home and family, Cancer, since last June. Perhaps you've been feeling an intense hunger for coziness throughout this time, and maybe you've even been partaking in a fair amount of nurturing (or being nurtured). There is indeed something lovely and comforting about knowing your loved ones have got your back -- and that someone is baking you cookies!

    However, during the last week of March, the Sun moved into independent Aries, the sign whose tagline may as well be "me first." This serves as a reminder that it's absolutely necessary to express your true self now, even if the people around you don't always understand how you feel and what you mean.

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    The planets are extremely volatile all throughout April, with intensity only increasing as the month goes on. Because of this, you may experience tension

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  • How Your Sun Sign Can Help Refresh Your Spirit This Spring

    How Your Sun Sign Can Help Refresh Your Spirit This Spring
    Springtime is all about renewal -- a season that's ideal for setting your sights on personal goals, pledging to take better care of yourself, and highlighting the importance of overall well-being in your life. Refresh your own spirit this spring ... with helpful hints from your Sun sign!

    Get yourself active! Physical movement energizes you. Think high-intensity activities such as running, kickboxing classes, or even mountain climbing.

    Pamper yourself. Beauty, shopping, or food experiences always inspire you, so splurge on something decadent!

    Learn something new; start conversations with interesting strangers. After all, your curiosity knows no bounds.

    Show that you care. A generous act of nurturing -- volunteering, planting a garden, or simply helping an elderly person across the street -- will help you feel more alive.

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  • Your Feng Shui Guidance for April!

    Your Feng Shui Guidance for April!
    Feng Shui is the area of Chinese medicine that helps you rest, relax, and restore your vital energies through healthful practices and a calm environment. Learn how's Ellen Whitehurst can help you create a peaceful home, landscape, and workplace by applying Feng Shui principles of balance and harmony to your everyday life!

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    Never mind that old adage about not putting all your eggs in one basket. During a month drenched in everything egg, you'll want to put the water from boiling all those eggs in one bathtub so you can become more youthful-looking and filled with energy and vigor!

    Feng Shui tradition tells that if you wish to experience all the aforementioned benefits, you should begin by boiling one dozen eggs. Once the boiling process is complete, allow the water to cool, remove the eggs, then pour the water into a freshly drawn hot bath.

    The premise

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  • Use Astrology to Drive Your Life Forward!

    Use Astrology to Drive Your Life Forward!
    Do you amble along in life hoping your luck will change? Waiting for a magic moment to improve a situation can be dispiriting. Instead, try to see your life as a vehicle: Let your Sun sign help you get behind the steering wheel and make your life go where you want!

    Aries has no problem kick-starting themselves ... but they're not always the best at following through. As a result, their life can become a series of half-finished projects. If they can see things through to the end, their morale will soar as a result -- and suddenly other areas in their lives will kick into gear as well.

    Taurus has a habit of burrowing down rather than striding forward, so they can find themselves in paralysis mode more easily than most. They tend to hold onto what they know, even if it isn't what they want. But once they realize they're more powerful than they think and rev up their inner motor, they're off and running!

    Gemini can become so scattered, they end up running around in circles all the

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  • Lunar Cycles and a Healthier You

    Lunar Cycles and a Healthier You
    It's a fast-paced world we live in, and we often sacrifice our health for more ambitious agendas. However, when we lose the ability to take care of ourselves, we become less effective overall. So, let lunar cycles guide you in living a healthier life -- after all, that beautiful orb in the night sky is also known as the Great Nurturer!

    New Moon: Break habits.
    Based on the cycle of the Moon, it's been said it takes 21 days to break a bad habit. If you can make it to the last quarter of the lunar cycle, this is an ideal time to turn new corners in attitude and consciousness.

    Waxing Moon: Focus on good nutrition and rest.
    During the waxing Moon (new to full), the body rebuilds. The cost for not taking care of ourselves during this phase is high, as we make ourselves especially vulnerable to illness. Rest more, and if possible, put off major chores until the waning Moon phase when -- you'll be delighted to hear -- your home will remain cleaner longer!

    Put the Moon's powerful

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