8 Ways to Decorate ... With Burlap

8 Ways to Decorate ... with Burlap8 Ways to Decorate ... with BurlapMaybe the fact that I've been living in a farmhouse for the past year and a half explains why I have a love for all things burlap. But no. I've loved the charming, rough weave of this material ever since I can remember! Burlap is such an affordable and versatile fabric; you can do just about anything with it. Check out these 8 ways to decorate with burlap below:

Big Burlap Floor PillowBig Burlap Floor Pillow1. Big Burlap Floor Pillow
A big burlap floor pillow sure adds some texture and a nice, muted color to this white room.
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Burlap BedskirtBurlap Bedskirt

2. Burlap Bedskirt?

Who would have ever thought of using burlap for a bedskirt? But I kind of love it!
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Burlap BuntingBurlap Bunting3. Burlap Bunting
Bring the burlap back to its natural, outdoor location with this whimsical heart bunting. It's a great way to add some style to your backyard without risking rain on any delicate fabrics.
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Burlap Travel BagBurlap Travel Bag4. Burlap Travel Bag
How awesome is this burlap travel bag made out of fair trade coffee bean bags from Guatemala? Guarantee no one else in the airport will have one like it!
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Burlap Coffee Bag PlantersBurlap Coffee Bag Planters5. Burlap Coffee Bag Planters
Looking for a more creative container for your plants? What about these burlap planters? You can make them yourself out of old coffee bags.
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Re-upholster a Burlap ChairRe-upholster a Burlap Chair6.Re-upholster a Chair with Burlap
Another great DIY project! This particular chair is made with linen but I think burlap would work just as well for a different vibe.
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Feedsack PillowFeedsack Pillow7. Feedsack Pillow
One of these would look great tossed just about anywhere. Made from a soft, vintage grain sack, it's lovely!
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Reusable Burlap Market BagReusable Burlap Market Bag8. Reusable Burlap Market Bag
Save the planet one trip to the store at a time! I love the leather handles and the fact that it has a waterproof lining. So durable and stylish!
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- By Gabrielle Blair
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