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    Take a look at your yard -- the grass can always be greener.

    If you're like many homeowners, you pay more attention to the interior of your house than to your garden. But consider this: More people see (and judge) your landscaping.

    Fortunately, sprucing up the yard or porch is cheaper than redoing the kitchen or bathroom. We've compiled a list of eight cheap landscaping ideas.

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    1. Contain your plants. Add pizazz to your front porch with container plants. This simple trick instantly makes your home more welcoming. Containers and plants should be different in type and size and placed on varying levels. Stick with the cheap landscaping theme by repurposing metal tubs, buckets, and pails as planters.

    2. Stock up. Gardening isn't much different from shopping at Costco. The more plants you buy, the lower the per item cost. For example, at an online nursery a bag of 100 tulip bulbs goes for about $60,

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  • Josh Duboff

    Orlando Bloom, Justin BieberOrlando Bloom, Justin BieberIn the unlikeliest feud since, well, Freddie Prinze Jr. vs. Kiefer Sutherland, reports have emerged that Orlando Bloom allegedly threw a punch at Justin Bieber in Ibiza last night. The two were both partying at Cipriani on a Tuesday night (Paris Hilton and Diddy were reportedly also in attendance, which makes sense, since we imagine Paris Hilton and Diddy are never not at a Cipriani in Ibiza), when the 37-year-old Bloom was seen attempting to sock the 20-year-old Bieber. TMZ has posted video footage, of course, though the reported swing (Bloom allegedly missed contact) is not captured in the film. Bieber's scream of "What's up bitch?" is audible in the clip, however, which would seem to be how he taunted Bloom after ducking his punch. (We hear the video will be pushed hard for a best live-action-short nomination at the Oscars.) According to TMZ, Bieber then left the club, and "the crowd applauded."

    Now, why would Orlando Bloom punch Justin Bieber? Is he fed up with

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    Aries (March 21 - April 19)
    Was it a badminton match gone wild? Or did a pack of coyotes suddenly turn into herbivores? Though it may be an accident, nothing will bring back what was once your hollyhock patch. Rather than find the culprit, blame it on the wind and move on ... to the hardware store to get fencing material.

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    Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
    Inspired by the blossoms growing in your yard, you'll find yourself mimicking them everywhere else you look. Be it sugared rosebuds on a birthday cake, the fresh carnations you stuck on your hat or the flowery pattern in the tablecloth you're sewing, your life will surely be filled with blooming buds.

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    Gemini Gemini (May 21 - June 21)
    You have too much pride to ask your mother for gardening advice, and all of your neighbors have hired lawn maintenance, so look for the answers to your gardening woes
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